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I’ve never done memes like this before

Anyhoo, I came across one that I really liked. It’s called Thankful Thursday. I try to make a habit of saying my gratitudes out loud, with my kids, before I go to bed. But our bedtimes have been a teensy … Continue reading

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Natural Moms Podcast #50

This week Elizabeth Yarnell joins us to share her patented one pot cooking method that yields a healthy, delicious hot dinner in 45 minutes, without using a slow cooker or microwave. Elizabeth’s book is called Glorious One-Pot Meals. A free … Continue reading

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Frugal Baby

How can I be frugal and have everything baby needs? Good question! I think the key is to identify what babies truly need. The advertisers would have you believe that baby needs fancy expensive “stuff” that will keep you in … Continue reading

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Redecorating? Bring Out The Tea – Bags, That Is

If you’re doing any painting, gluing or redecorating and might be stirring up some chemicals that will outgas, scatter black tea bags around the room. They can absorb chemicals in the air and help the air become fresher sooner. A 2002 … Continue reading

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Barb Thinks I’m Interesting

Barb over at NaturallyWahms must think I’m interesting enough that she wants to know 8 things about me. I’m afraid she might be terribly disappointed. LOL! Oh well, here goes. 1) I don’t enjoy bathing. Now, don’t get me wrong, … Continue reading

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Snack more, weigh less

An Oxford University study in 2002 showed that people who eat 5 or 6 times a day have 5 percent lower cholesterol than those who eat only 3 times a day. They were also 45% more likely to be at … Continue reading

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Me and my MBTs

 Several months ago I came across these Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) shoes. Believe it or not, the Masai peoples in Africa have NO cellulite. (They also thrive on a diet of raw milk, meat, and blood… but that’s another post … Continue reading

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Overwhelmed with Green Living? How about just a bite

If you’re trying to make changes in your life to be more “green”, you know how overwhelmed you can feel. Well, here’s a neat answer for you. Ideal Bite publishes ONE daily tip, delivered straight to your email inbox, to … Continue reading

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Quick and Healthy One Pot Meals

What’s for Dinner? Quick & Healthy One-Pot Meals By Elizabeth Yarnell   Stephanie, a vice president for a venture capital firm in Denver, makes it a priority to get home in time to have a family meal with her … Continue reading

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An Apple “Donut” a Day

No, I’m not going to recommend you take the kids to Dunkin’ Donuts every day. But I made a neat little snack today that went over well with the kids and thought I would share. I was going to name … Continue reading

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