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Health Benefits of Kefir

Do you drink kefir? I discovered kefir when I was babysitting as a young girl for a family of Finns who always stocked it in their fridge. I thought it was the most delicious stuff! I never could find it … Continue reading

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Natural Moms Podcast #54

This week special guest Peggy O’Mara, author of 4 books on natural family living, joins us. Peggy is the owner and editor of Mothering magazine. You can subscribe to Mothering magazine by clicking here. Download mp3 link or read the … Continue reading

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U Pick Farms – Local, Organic Produce on the Cheap

Searching out local “u pick” farms is another way to eat more local and organic produce without blowing your grocery budget. Not all of them are organic farms, be sure to ask… but even if they aren’t, eating local (even … Continue reading

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Dads And Anger

I got permission from Mark Brandenburg to reprint this article here. If you have a Dad in your life who has a problem with anger, maybe you can forward it to him. “Get up to your room!” Frank shouted at … Continue reading

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Natural Moms Podcast #53

This week special guest Jan Hunt, author of Parenting From The Heart joins us. Jan is a parenting counselor and director of the Natural Child Project. Download mp3 link HERE. Or read the transcript below. Carrie: You’re back with Carrie … Continue reading

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Exciting Research on Breastfeeding and HIV/AIDS

I’ve been interested in this issue for some time. Do HIV positive Moms harm or help their children by breastfeeding? Marian Thompson, one of the cofounders of La Leche League International, founded Another Look to take … well, another look … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday

This week I’m so thankful that I can stay home and earn money while I raise my babies. I’m thankful that my car runs. I’m thankful for the free Starbucks coffee at Barnes and Noble’s Entrepreneur Breakfast this morning. I’m thankful … Continue reading

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Skip The Baby Food

Interesting thing I came across: Gill Rapley, deputy director of Unicef’s UK Baby Friendly Initiative said feeding babies pureed baby foods could cause health problems later in life. She has spent 25 years as a health advisor there and is … Continue reading

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Birth as a Rite of Passage… Discuss :)

A previous guest on Natural Moms Talk Radio, Marcie Macari is hosting a live chat sponsored by tomorrow, June 20th at 9PM EST. She wanted to invite YOU, as a friend of NMTR, to participate in the discussion on Birth as a … Continue reading

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Discounts for Natural Products Online

If you like to buy natural products online, here are a couple of sales and coupon codes for you: ADDITIONAL 20% off any order at Native Remedies or Native Remedies offers a large selection of natural health products. As … Continue reading

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