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Natural Moms Podcast #68

This week we are joined by Marni Matyus of She is sharing information on babywearing and kangaroo care. If you’ve had a hard time getting your baby accustomed to a sling, she has some great tips for that too. … Continue reading

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Marni Matyus – Babywearing and Kangaroo Care

Carrie: You’re back with Carrie at Natural Moms Talk Radio and I’m joined this week by Marni Matyus from The Sling Station and  Good morning, Marni.  Marni: Good morning!  Carrie: How are you today?  Marni: I’m great!  How are you?  Carrie: Very good.  I … Continue reading

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Giveaway of the Week: $20 off Senseo Coffee Coupon

Do you drink coffee? Considering buying a Senseo for yourself or as a gift for someone who drinks coffee? I got one last week and I loooove it. It’s nice to be able to make just ONE perfect cup. It … Continue reading

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Bad Mastitis Advice

Susan over at 5 Minutes for Mom blogged about her bout with mastitis last week. She mentioned that her Doctor told her to stop nursing on the affected side and to pump and dump… and that made me really mad. … Continue reading

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Parenting Your Teen

Aurelia Williams is a Moms Talk Radio show host. Her show is Parenting My Teen. Aurelia has been a guest two times on my show and I’ve always appreciated her no-nonsense wisdom. I decided to ask her a few questions about … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tidbits: Don’t Make Me Open a Can Of….

    …. batter? Something just isn’t right about this organic pancake and waffle batter “blaster“. You gotta watch the video! I am love love loving this Rachel Perry Lip Lover Balm - Grape Juice - it takes just like grape Bubblicious gum, … Continue reading

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Will you Win!!

Hello ladies, just writing to let you guys know that I that I have a contest going on at my blog, where I will be giving away some free gifts to one lucky mom. In order to win you have … Continue reading

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Moms, What’s On Your Wish List?

Hey moms, do me a favor will you? Leave me a comment below and answer this question: If someone gave you a $200 gift certificate, what would you buy? What’s on your wish list and why? One rule: it … Continue reading

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CBCs: Catching Up!

I’ve been a bad girl and gotten behind on my cross blog conversation updates, so I’m going to tackle two at once. I hope that doesn’t break some cross blog conversation etiquette! First, Alyssa answered my question about how motherhood … Continue reading

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Free Natural Toy Guide – 4 Tips for Choosing Safe Toys

 I’ve just put together a free 6 page special report called “The Natural Toy Guide – 4 Tips That Will Help You Choose Safe, Classic Toys For Your Kids.” In it you’ll discover: – The 4 questions parents should ask … Continue reading

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