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Busy Homemaker

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I’ve been a busy homemaking momma over the last few days. Several days ago I went to a local dairy to get some raw cow’s … Continue reading

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EcoWednesday – Saving Ink and Paper and Indoor Drying Racks

Cool tip from GreenDaily (which is a cool blog to subscribe to, I learn stuff all the time and it’s active enough to keep my interest) on saving printer ink as well as paper. Also wanted to report on my … Continue reading

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Bullet Points of Randomness

Hat tip to Mom to the Screaming Masses, one of my favorite mom bloggers for this meme. Tomorrow:  Got an eye doctor appointment. I’ve been needing to get glasses so I can drive at night. Feeling:  Crampy. I’m ovulating. Happy Because:  … Continue reading

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Questions from Moms: Can You Help?

This week I got a couple of questions from subscribers and thought I would post them here to see if you smart ladies had any advice. The first is from a subscriber to my newsletter about limiting TV. She asks: … Continue reading

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Going on the Fourth!

Well I have not been around much here at the blog lately, due to the fact that I have been feeling a little under the weather since December. The feeling of lows and highs continued on until i missed my … Continue reading

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Stevia Sweetened Lemonade Recipe

Our guest this week on the show is Erica Johns, author of two ebooks on health and nutrition. She let me share her recipe for Lemonade that is sweetened with stevia. Thanks Erica! All I do is use a citrus … Continue reading

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Natural Moms Podcast #72

This week we are joined by Erica Johns. Erica, aka SuperMom, is a homeschooling Mom of 6 who shares tips on healthier living on her website and ebooks. Listen on the site or download the mp3

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A Survey For Grown Ups (Meme)

Alyssa over at Life from my Laptop shared a fun quiz at her blog and I thought I would paste my answers here. A ton of blog memes have been circulating around the blogosphere in the last few weeks but … Continue reading

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Salad Saturday!

This post is the first in a weekly series. Each Saturday I’ll post a free salad recipe from my new salad cookbook. It has over 365 recipes, so you can either buy it now or just hang around here for … Continue reading

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EcoWednesday – Handle CFCs With Care

Last night at bedtime we had a bit of excitement. My oldest son wanted to stay up and read after lights out, and asked if he could put a new bulb in his lamp to use on his bed. I … Continue reading

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