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Recession Hysteria, Food Choices, and My Thoughts

There seem to be an awful lot of blog posts lately about the recession and how it’s going to impact – or already is impacting – people’s food buying choices. Some people are complaining about how cheap food is unhealthy, … Continue reading

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Slow Weight Gain and Sleepy Breastfed Newborns

I got an email from a friend asking me for some breastfeeding advice and she agreed that I could share with you all in case this information comes in handy. And by the way, if you have a breastfeeding question … Continue reading

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Salad Saturday!

Each Saturday I’ll post a free salad recipe from my new salad cookbook. It has over 365 recipes, so you can either buy it now or just hang around here for the next 6 years. LOL! Bean and Tuna Salad … Continue reading

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It Takes All Kinds

I had a friend once… she moved far away and I’m still sad about it. I miss her. The thing is, we were opposite in every way. Physically – she was blonde with long, stick straight hair that shined in … Continue reading

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This Time I Prepared

Last month I blogged about having surgery on my foot, and how my efforts to blog something intelligible were interesting to say the least. Unlike that picture, this actually IS my real foot, about two weeks post-op, minus the bunion. … Continue reading

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Here It Is – Natural Mom Guide to Blogging

Here it is, as promised: Natural Moms Blogging Guide This nifty free report will answer the 10 biggest questions moms have about blogging. Whether you’re blogging for personal or for business, it will help you: – Discover what makes a … Continue reading

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Be An Earthy Beauty

I mean earthy in a good way. I have a little freebie to share for Earth Week. (On another site I heard it referred to as Earth Century, which is very appropriate!) This ebook is all about natural beauty . … Continue reading

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Earth Day Book Reviews

Here are a couple of books I’ve read lately that are just perfect for this week. If you want to brush up on your natural housekeeping, check these out. Organic Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck When I first saw this book, … Continue reading

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Earth Day Activities With the Kids

Kids love to get involved with what their parents are doing. If you’re interested in the earth, your kids will be too. One way to get them excited is to involve them in some activities that will help them see … Continue reading

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Earth Day Activities – For a Month

Today is Earth Day of course! Are you doing anything special? We’re going to read some lessons from my oldest son’s Science book on the subject of the environment. I plan on taking my little ones to the local recycling … Continue reading

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