29 Weeks

21 semanas :)
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(Not my belly. Someone else’s.)

This pregnancy is different from the others. I don’t remember feeling this achy. I didn’t have pain like this, this early. I’m having painful cramps down low.

Not like Braxton-Hicks contractions (although I have lots of those, and always do, from pretty early on.)

I feel too birthy. Too pregnant for this stage. Is it because this is my 5th pregnancy? Or because I’m older this time? (I’ll be 35 next month.)

Today I’m talking very careful, deliberate steps. My pelvis hurts. I wince when I walk.

Usually the pain is down low in the back. It wakes me up at night and shoots down my hips. I thought this might be sciatica, but according to this article, only about 1% of pregnant women have sciatica. It’s more like “posterior pelvic pain”.

Did you have pelvic or back pain during pregnancy? How did you deal with it?

I did some research, some of which was helpful, but comic almost. Suggestions like:

“If you have posterior pelvic pain, avoid climbing stairs.”

I guess that means no more laundry for me! The washer and dryer are in the basement. :)

“Activities that can cause pain include: walking, rolling over in bed, sitting, getting in or out of the tub, bending, lifting, rising or getting into a chair.”

Oh, that narrows it down. So if I can just avoid *those* activities!

“Avoid activities like vacuuming and mopping that require you to bend and twist at the same time”

Yay, another chore I can get out of?

Interestingly the recommended treatments for pelvic or lumbar pain during pregnancy are things I find myself doing instinctively. Such as:

Swimming – Probably the perfect exercise for pregnant women. Walking hurts too much. The last time I went to the pool I had pain all day until I got into the water, then instant relief. Until I got out!

Warm bath – Soaking in a warm tub is the next best thing. It helps with the cramping too.

Stretching -In the middle of the night when the pain wakes me up, I get down on the floor and stretch my hamstrings. Tight hamstrings can lead to back pain too.

Massage – I’ve been doing self massage but I think I’ll treat myself to a professional job. :)

Pelvic rocking – I learned this exercise 12 years ago when I took Bradley childbirth classes. I get on my hands and knees and let the baby’s weight drop away from my spine. It feels great. Rocking gently back and forth works the abdominals too. Great practice for labor.

Chiropractic is also reported to help. I’ve certainly benefited from a visit or two to the Chiropractor during my third trimester. When I had a breech baby, a couple of adjustments helped me create space to flip her around.

What did you do to help your back or pelvic pain during pregnancy?

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10 Responses to 29 Weeks

  1. Sharie says:

    Hi, Carrie.
    Wishing you the best rest-of-pregnancy!
    Yepper-I had lots of low, deep pelvic pain and low back pain
    with both of my last two pregnancies.
    I’ve been told I’m “unique” more than a few times in my life– :) –,
    so I guess here’s another 1% I fit into: had real sciatica with my last pregnancy.
    Terribly painful. Had massage a few times, which did indeed help.
    Still have sciatica to this day, tho’.

    But as far as the pelvic pain goes, at 5 1/2 and 4 1/2 months during those last two times, I was indeed dilating. Knew what
    B -H’s were too and knew that wasn’t all that I had going on.
    So had to take it easy during last half of preg.
    Made it to term with both, but was 6 1/2 cm already when I went into labor with my youngest.
    Just make sure your midwife(?) checks you out to make sure you’re not dilating. It does change things a bit. Though I never did go on complete bedrest. (Who could? Had several other children to take care of!)

    Best to you!

  2. Esperanza says:

    Your ligaments are preparing for birth by producing a hormone called “relaxin”. Some women produce too much relaxin, which is painful (I know!). Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do.

  3. mommamoody says:

    I just sent you some info on a great chiro! I highly recommend her for pregnant women and really ANY person with backpain. She is not one of those scammer chiropractors that believe in setting you up for 2-3 appt every week for the next 6 months! It only took me 2-3 appts with my second pregnancy to get back on track. Her name is Linda Mullen and practices right near Southern Polytech.

  4. jessica says:

    I had the same thing with my second pregnancy. My midwife attributed it to relaxin, the relax hormone. I agree with earlier post that it is your ligaments preparing for the birth process. The upside: you have a lot of this hormone which will help you through your delivery. The down side: you don’t need so much yet and darn it hurts for everything to start stretching out too early.

    My midwife had me take MSM and Glucosamine to help make sure the strength of my connective tissues wasn’t compromised. Baths, especially using salts, are great. Also, Aura Cacia sells a bubble bath formula called Soothing Heat which feels great and should be fine for pregnancy. A product I used all through my pregnancies and still use all the time now is called The Stick. It is a two handled roller that you can easily use on yourself to help ease the pain. They are very reasonable and honestly, one of the best wellness investments you can make. You can search them online. If you’re not exercising regularly (which you probably are) a twenty or thirty minute walk everyday is something your whole family can do and will help your legs stay strong and toned for labor. And Chiropractic.

    Sounds like you’re on the right track. Good luck!


    P.S. That is definitely the best argument for letting someone else do the laundry, vacuuming, and mopping. Make sure you take plenty of time outs!

  5. I didn’t have pain like that, but have you thought of a belly support band? Okay I can’t even think of the technical name for it! I have a few friends who went on vacation and did a lot of walking and loved the support it offered. Apparently you can buy them but if you can get a medical one from your dr, it’s a lot better. I can’t say myself though. Hope that massage helps!!!

  6. Candi says:

    I had terrible pain with my son. In fact, the doctor says I was having contractions for 2 weeks prior to delivery at 38 weeks. My daughter came at 36 weeks. I don’t know what the pain was but it was down low in the pelvis area. I thought it might be the round ligament pain, but it was really bad. Let the kids do the chores…who cares if hubby ends up with pink underwear…no one will see it but you :)

  7. Emily says:

    I didn’t have those issues while pregnant, but my essential oil desk reference says that lavender oil helps to ease cramping. Birch oil is also an effective topical pain killer.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Sarah says:

    I had inner thigh pain during pregnancy and ended up with a pelvic sheer as a result of labor and delivery. This left me unable to walk and in so much pain I was crying.

    What I would do differently –
    See a doctor of osteopathy right away (an M.D. with with education about bones) http://www.osteopathic.org/index.cfm?PageID=ado_whatis

    And go to physical therapy!!

    Even though you don’t have inner thigh pain – the other pain may be telling you that something is off. I really wish I had addressed my pain before giving birth. Then I would have been able to take care of my son without pain and immobility -and get out of the house!! I couldn’t drive for 2 months.

    Best of luck. – Sarah

  9. chiropractor conway ar says:

    Excellent topics, I like this. I found this online that, I know Arkansas Spinal Care Conway, AR their commitment to their patients has led them to using the DRX spinal decompression equipment for low back pain.

  10. Carrie I had pain in my lower back only with my last son, but I just assumed it came from having to be on my feet most of the day taking and running after the other ones. He came about on his due date and everything was fine. Get some rest and continue to drinks lots of water. I used to drink pregnancy tea by traditional medicinal to relieve some of the pain.

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