32 Weeks

I did pretty good with my countdown to baby weekly to-do list last week.

Week 30:

We had fun meeting up with friends for the field trip, and I did get that teeth cleaning I’d been procrastinating on. Good news. The Dentist said my gums and teeth looked awesome! I was expecting bad news, since my oral hygiene really slides during pregnancy. In the first several months, I gag painfully when I brush, and putting my fingers in my mouth to floss? Well, let’s just say I get real negligent about that.

I walked twice a day only two days though. I’ve had this weird spongy cough deep in my chest, and started off the week not feeling well. Insomnia and super early waking due to baby has me a little worn out. Hubby worked late a couple of days, and wasn’t doing his thing as my Drill Sargent. But I still managed a daily walk. And I got 2 blog posts scheduled for August.

Week 31:

The boys enjoyed the Museum. They got to see inside a cockpit, and use a flight simulator. I learned why flight attendants wore miniskirts in the 60′s (FYI: because folks were real sexist back then, and the shorter the shirt, the more effective the marketing to men. That, and real fashion designers often created their uniforms.)

The boys had friends over on Thursday, and I got some important shopping errands done. (And I hate shopping errands.)

I kept up my daily walking, but slacked a bit on the twice a day again. I blame hubby. If he’s not here to crack the whip encourage me, I don’t do that second walk. I’m starting to feel tired a lot, and really have to conserve my energy throughout the day. And I pay dearly if I forget my stretching routine! I’ll be up at 4 AM with severe hip pain. It really motivates me to do it. The heel stretch helps tremendously with that uncomfortable feeling in the calves, too.


Week 32:

  • Start looking on Craigslist for a nice dresser for baby’s clothing. Buy a changing table pad to go on top.

Whee! We found one on Craigslist the first time we looked. At first I wasn’t sure about it, because it’s kind of yellow and I don’t have anything that color in my living room (where it was going to live. I know it’s odd to have a dresser/changing table in the living room, but it’s the largest room in the house and literally the only place I can find to put it! Plus, we’re always in here so it’s convenient to have the changing spot handy.)

I think it looks great though. The yellow totally works with the picture hanging above (which I now realize is crooked!). Just need to get the changing pad for the top. I might use a pretty folded baby quilt instead though.

We went to the $1 Kids Summer Movie with friends yesterday.

What’s on your agenda?

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