37 Weeks

June 23, 2010

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Rina et Bébé Bernard
Creative Commons License photo credit: Esther Gibbons

I’m officially over it.

I was 37 weeks yesterday.

The homevisit with the midwife is done. I’ve got the thumbs up to have this baby.

My nest is ready.


I’m too antsy to sleep well at night. I can’t get comfortable no matter what position I’m.

But I’m too tired to get up and do something else.

I’m grumpy and irritable.

And hot.

Most of my maternity clothes have been packed up because they don’t fit. My belly has dropped. It hangs below my shirts. It even makes my skirts hike up.

Even my face looks pregnant.

My hands and feet hurt. I can’t get enough to drink.

I wish I could hang out at the pool all day. But with the heat index it’s 100 degrees outside.

I’m planning something to do every day to keep my mind occupied.

Reading birth stories and diaries of midwives.
Taking the kids out to lunch.
Taking the kids to the free movie.
Getting a pedicure. (The leg massage is the best part right now, I nearly fall asleep in the chair.)
Going to the chiropractor.
Watching a movie at home. (Sherlock Holmes was good. Ahhh, Jude Law!)
Last minute runs to the health food store for juice, electrolyte powder, calcium and magnesium.
Working on my sites. (A little. My brains are all in my pelvis at the moment.)
Going to the library.
Organizing my recipes.
Organizing closets.
Fussing at big Z to get organized.
eBay shopping for last minute baby items (wet sacks for cloth diapers, for instance).

What did you do to pass the time during your final weeks of pregnancy?

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  1. Casual Friday Every Day on June 26th, 2010 1:34 pm

    You tease! That isn’t a picture of your awesome pregnant self! ;)


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