5 Foods For Fertility

The following is a guest post from Nichi Kuechle, a Parent Coach, Childbirth Educator, Doula, and Craniosacral Therapist, and Mom. I interviewed Nichi for the podcast several weeks ago, when we talked about postpartum planning and recovery.

I am not familiar with hard statistics on the subject, but it sure seems that more and more women struggle with infertility, low sex drive and other hormonal issues these days. Many experts (and I agree) feel that our diets play a large role in this. Vegan diets, low fat diets, junk foods that leave out essential fats and replace them with inferior fats… the evidence is coming in that these habits wreak havoc on our hormones.

Nichi is sharing 5 foods that need to be a part of your diet if you want to have a baby.

5 Foods for Fertility

I meet more and more mamas these days who are taking steps before they conceive to prepare their bodies for pregnancy.  I find these women inspiring and fun to coach as they are so ready for the next step.  Though there are lots of foods that support fertility, I will share with you ten that stick out to me, and also, a few we should all be avoiding.

1-Cold water fish

Cold water fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines are a great way to boost your omega-3 fatty acid intake.  These healthy fats naturally reduce inflammation and increase insulin sensitivity.


To get your oils/fats, avocados, nuts/seeds (almonds and walnuts, sesame and pumpkin are the best) high contenders in boosting fertility.  You could also include coconut in this category as coconut meat and oil are high in protein and antiviral properties.  These are all easy to include in granola, oatmeal, hot cereal, or as trail mix or grinding into baked goods or smoothies.

3-Beans and Lentils

Beans and lentils are high in iron and folic acid, so including these in salads, soups, pastas and spreads is a sure way to easily make them a regular in your diet.  I believe that 1 cup of lentils contains 90% of your total daily intake of folic acid, so take the time to prepare these super foods for daily inclusion in your diet.

4-Animal Protein

For concentrated animal proteins, I am a fan of grass fed and organic red meat and chicken.

The fact that these beautiful creatures are pastured, soaking up sun and taking in vital nutrients from the earth while growing to become our food seems more than fair to me.  If you shy away from these foods due to cost, look at these two elements:

1-In my experience, spending our hard earned dollars on high nutrient dense foods has kept our family out of the doctors office for symptomatic care.

2-Purchasing farm direct saves money and supports your local economy and another family just like yours.  The bonus (among many) here is that often these farms are interested in having families out to meet the animals, look around and get educated about the process. I love knowing that our children understand where their food comes from.

Word has it that decreasing your intake of red meat and poultry will boost your fertility, however, including each of them once per week in your diet is a healthy option. This, along with a diet heavily plant based, is a surefire way to a balanced lifestyle.


Another super easy way to include protein in your daily diet is with eggs.  If you do not have an egg sensitivity, I firmly believe every woman in her childbearing years (pre and post-just in case), should consume 2 eggs every single day.

Along with protein, they are also high in vitamin D and B12.  You want to make certain that your yolks are a deep orange/yellow.  These yolks are much more nutrient dense and fresh, so they are worth the extra cost you may incur by purchasing them from a local food co-op or directly from a farm.  You can also find them at your local farmer’s market, so get friendly with the vendors in your area.

Nichi Hirsch Kuechle supports moms from pregnancy to parenthood as a Parent Coach, Craniosacral Therapist, and Doula in Minneapolis.   She publishes a weekly e-zine called Raising Healthy Babies, which offers tips and ideas to bring ease, clarity and understanding to your parenting.  She also teaches a variety of live and virtual workshops.  You can get Nichi’s New Parent Tool Kit, for free ($30 value!), by going to: http://www.MyHealthyBeginning.com.



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