5 Ways To Snap Out of a Bad Mood

Last weekend, I didn’t feel very happy.

Sometimes, the reason(s) why don’t come to me right away.

I try not to ruminate as a general rule (ruminating is one reason why women have more depression than men, and it tends to make a bad mood linger), but I found myself trying to figure out why I wasn’t feeling happy. For the sake of my Happiness Project. So that I could avoid the trigger in the future.

Sometimes, it doesn’t work very well.

What usually DOES work is to DO something that will snap you out of a bad mood.

Here’s a great quote:

…action and feeling go together; and by regulating the action, which is under the direct control of the will, we can indirectly regulate the feeling…”
— William James

In other words, it’s easier to control what you DO than to control how you FEEL. But, by controlling what you do, you end up creating how you feel.

So here are my:
5 Favorite Ways to Snap Out Of It when I’m In a Bad Mood

1) Exercise

I’ve been exercising daily this month but because we had rain (and my daily exercise is usually walking around my neighborhood), I had skipped a couple of days. I invited my 10 year old to go for a walk with me and found my mood immediately lifting. There are reams of studies linking exercise with improved mood. It’s easy, free and accessible to everyone. And it doesn’t have to be exhausting. A 10 minute walk will do the trick.

2) Music

Music is a powerful “state changer”, to borrow a phrase coined by Tony Robbins, one of the most widely recognized self help gurus in the world. Listening to music has a powerful effect on mood. Pick something that makes you happy and lifts your energy, is in a major key, and which you can sing along to. (Think The Beatles or B-52′s, not the depressive shoegaze 90′s bands of your teenage years (guilty!).

3) Sun

Getting the sun in my face, I have discovered, is absolutely essential to my mental state. I begin to feel the effects of sun deprivation if I stay inside for as little as two days. While I can’t control the weather, I surely can get outside when it IS nice. This is one of the resolutions on my daily checklist. On rainy or gray days, I take a Vitamin D pill.

4) Get Social

Our relationships are our most important happiness maker or breaker. When I’m blue, being near my husband or my mother or a friend always helps. Perhaps this because our loved ones can help us get clarity. For instance, last night while talking to hubs I realized that I *always* feel a little blue every other weekend. (Being divorced and sharing custody with my ex, perhaps you can guess why?)

And while I try my best to avoid being negative and especially gossip (happiness suckers), I do find that sharing my feelings helps. Even writing about a bad mood on my blog instantly lifts it. Perhaps it’s true than when you share your problems with someone else, they’re halved?

5) Do Something… Anything

In her book, Gretchen Rubin recommends “creating an easy success” as a key to snapping out of a bad mood. Cleaning out a junk drawer for 15 minutes can give me an immediate high. Doing a little housework, running an errand (especially if it’s to one of my favorite places, the library), reading a story aloud to my kids… anything active and productive, especially if it lifts someone else’s mood, can lift your mood.

What do you do to snap out of a bad mood?

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One Response to 5 Ways To Snap Out of a Bad Mood

  1. Miss Lila says:

    I don’t really have “bad moods” as such, just low sinking feelings.
    But I talk to my daughter (that I love more than life itself) then hold and love on my newest grandbaby or sit on my sweetheart’s lap.
    Works like a charm everytime!!

    Miss Lila

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