A Summer Routine for the Kids

I’ve read several great articles lately about summer activities and routines moms have planned for their kids. This topic has been on my mind too, but I’ve put off writing about it.

Mostly because I don’t want to do much in the next 10- 12 weeks except finish growing this baby!

It’s not very exciting to tell you that I don’t plan on going to the pool a lot. I’ll save going for when hubby is around to help me constantly count heads. As nice as swimming feels during late pregnancy, it feels too stressful right now to keep everyone safe in the water without another adult to help.

And I don’t have any trips planned except two local field trips. One, we’re heading to the Jimmy Carter Museum to see an exhibit on George Washington Carver. Julien and Ilana just read his biography for Beyond Five in a Row.

The second is to the Aviation Museum at the airport. I bought tickets to this for next to nothing months ago, a Groupon deal, and the coupon is about to expire. Julien has an interest in aviation so I thought he would enjoy that.

Other than that, I plan on staying home a lot and nesting. So far I haven’t been very compelled to scrub baseboards with toothbrushes and the like, but we did do a huge declutter and cleanup of the basement the other weekend.

I think my nesting is mostly showing itself in my recent obsession with buying curriculum for the next school year.

I know I won’t have as much time to decide on the options and purchase stuff with a little newborn, so I’m getting it all done now. Most everything is on its way to me as we speak courtesy of eBay and Amazon.com. (I’ll post about what changes I’m making from last year and what we’re using later on.)

I will be spending the next few weeks reading instructor texts and getting a routine for the school year down on paper.

Life is feeling a bit frenzied lately, and I’m really looking forward to a lazy summer and to the babymoon to come in late July.

I do need to think of a few ways to keep the kids busy, but that will likely consist of tall stacks of books from the library. And chores, and helping me fill the freezer in preparation for the baby’s arrival.

Other than buying the birth kit and getting the sterile sheets and such ready, all the baby buying is done. I plan on spending the last few weeks of my pregnancy reading, taking long walks (in the morning before it gets too hot!) and maybe getting a pedicure or two. :-)

What’s on your agenda for summer?

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2 Responses to A Summer Routine for the Kids

  1. Candi says:

    Let me know when you plan to do the Jimmy Carter museum thing. We never did go.

  2. carrie says:

    I sure will!

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