The following are some of my personally recommended products and services for natural families.

Meal Planning

Meal planning makes your whole day run more smoothly. I recommend Meal Planning Central because their menus are highly customizable. If you’re an omnivore, a vegetarian, have food allergies, etc., you can make menus with Meal Planning Central. If you go to the site you can download a free meal planning guide. If you’re looking for free whole foods recipes, find them here.


This is the best book I’ve ever read on the topic of nutrition for pregnancy and breastfeeding. The advice is a little out of the box but totally sensible. You can also read a review of the product and a transcript of the Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Guide’s author interview here.


Nursing bras don’t have to be ugly. You can find really comfortable and cute nursing bras here. This site also has lots of free breastfeeding advice and information.


Mom has fun is one of the best and most effective parenting and discipline books I’ve read. It helps you understand why you react the way you do to your kids, how to put more fun into your life and parenting, how to deal with your kid’s emotions, and how to parent effectively without relying on punishment.

Mom has fun is available as an ebook or hard copy book but the authors also have a 120 day parenting course. If you want to coach instead of control, truly discipline instead of punish, you will love this program!

Work At Home

If you are a work at home mom or have an online business, you can see my recommended internet marketing tools here. If you want to start an online business or are having poor results with your existing website, check out my Natural Mom Business Guide. It’s the only complete how to e-biz guide for people marketing to the natural family niche. It contains an ebook, audios, videos, printable cheat sheets and more.

Time Management/Productivity

I’ve read a ton of books on productivity and time management. TONS. My favorite one right now is Simple Blogging (for managing your time blogging, obviously!). For all around simplifying and home management, I recommend Simple Living: An Ebook.

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