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carrie lauth of natural moms  talk radio

This blog is authored by me, Carrie Lauth, host of Natural Moms Talk Radio.

UPDATED April 7, 2010

I am a (recently divorced) single work at home Mom of 4 (they’re boy 11, boy 9, girl 7 and girl 4).

I am a married mom of 5, currently pregnant with #6 (I gave birth to 4 of these, the latest one, a 10 year old freckle faced cutie who resembles Pippi Longstocking, came to me via my husband).  I’m due early July 2010.

My kids are “eclectically” homeschooled, which means origami and sleight of hand are part of the curriculum.  I eventually plan on moving to a Charlotte Mason style approach very soon.

When I was a young girl I dreamed of writing. I wanted to be the younger, hipper, Gentile-r version of Judy Blume. But it’s cheaper and there’s far less rejection involved with blogging, so here I am.

I (and my guest bloggers) share our thoughts, tips and newsy stuff about natural parenting. Everything from homebirth to breastfeeding to homeschooling, and everything in between.

If you’re into making natural choices you’ll feel right at home here. In addition to parenting, I also love to discuss things like frugality, making money online, traditional diets and whole foods nutrition (unlike a lot of my counterparts in the blogosphere, I am violently opposed to vegan diets and think life without grass fed beef, butter and raw milk is not worth living,) and eco conscious, green living.

I’m a “retired” La Leche League leader and have had 4 natural births (3 at home) meaning I have a pretty high pain tolerance and don’t like to be told what to do by people who don’t know me or my kids. I’m respectful but highly opinionated and proud of it. (After all, if you don’t think you’re right, you don’t stand for anything, and what is that?) Proceed accordingly. :)

Hopefully by sticking around here you’ll find inspiration, information, and confirmation of your own nutty choices. That, and you might win stuff because I like to give gifts away as often as possible.

Despite the key phrases that show up in my website stats, this blog is rated PG. I don’t swear, so you can read with your kids looking over your shoulder.

Here’s what my cyberdoppelganger Tiffany Washko of NatureMoms.com said about me:

“As a mom of 4 and a natural parenting advocate and expert, Carrie has the
experience and knowledge to guide other moms and dads in their own journey
to more natural, gentle, and socially conscious parenting choices.

Not only can her timely articles help keep you informed of issues important
to natural families her first hand experiences serve as valuable lessons
that all parents can benefit from.”

Wow. I swear, I didn’t pay her much to say all that.

Another reason you should read my blog is because I will publish your questions and leverage the power of my blog for your benefit. To submit a question, go here or scroll down. I have a lot of smart mommas who visit here. :)

A couple more things: I currently reside just outside Atlanta, GA. When I’m stressed or blue, I listen to Mr. Paltrow. When I’m happy, I listen some more.

I wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of Birkenstocks. And here are 50 more things about me. You can catch more of my frantic typing at my business blog. You can see what I do for a living inbetween math and phonics, feeding the kids every half hour, and laundry here.

Here is a page with some of the most popular posts on this blog, by traffic and comments, so you can get a feel for what I’m all about.

I also like to Tweet.

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