I Think I’m Addicted

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It started two years ago.

I had four kids for the first time in my life.

In order to work on my business, I had to stay up late at night because the days were full of homeschooling, nursing two kids, and intercepting fighting siblings.

I started to feel stressed and tired, and knew I needed some exercise, but everything I tried didn’t seem to work for me.

I tried Pilates, which I love. But when I would put in my Pilates dvd, my then 14 month and 3 y.o. thought it was time to jump on my head or roll themselves under my back when I came up from a curl. And my then 8 and 6 year old boys thought it was cool to mimic me and make me laugh – and try holding your core when that happens!

I tried walking, but I would have to push the 3 y.o. in a stroller, and wear the baby, and I would be totally worn out from trying to a) bear the weight of an additional 60 pounds (baby, tot, stroller) and b) answer the boy’s myriad existential questions. They would inevitably start arguing about who got to stand next to me. Plus my old neighborhood was SO hilly that even withOUT the additional appendages, it’s a challenging workout.

Exercise is very important to me. I like the way it makes me feel. I also seem to suffer from a bit of “winter blues” so exercise is important to combat that.

Sexy in Six worked great, except I had some of the same problems I mentioned before with the Pilates DVD. Carving out ME time was the issue. My kids didn’t seem to understand that this was MY time to do something for myself.

Exercise became stress inducing, not stress relieving.

Now it’s true that a mom doesn’t HAVE to have a gym membership in order to exercise. I have to say though, there is ONE distinct advantage that may make a gym membership worth every single penny.

Many gyms offer FREE KID CARE. Bailando en el Daycare

I joined a gym two years ago called BodyPlex (got a great deal – $300 for 3 years, they were brand new and needed members) in the town I used to live in when I still lived with my ex.

I would go work out FIVE days a week just to enjoy a BREAK for 45 minutes a pop – PLUS I got to SHOWER afterwards without children screaming to come in, and/or playing peek-a-boo with the shower curtain!

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I swear, it was worth the price just for the shower!

The kids liked the kid care and usually didn’t want to leave when it was time to go, they were having so much fun.

I also noticed on the days that I worked out, I was almost impervious to stress.

The kids could be trying to kill each other, tearing the house down, and I was all, “Oh what lovely, adorable little children have I.”

Sadly, I moved to the other side of town and there was not another Bodyplex location nearby.

So I went back to walking and Sexy in Six, but still some of the same problems as before. Plus, and I know this is probably silly and just a psychological thing, but I don’t like doing smaller periods of exercise. I don’t want to get sweaty several times a day. I want to exercise for a long time, get really worn out and tired, then go home to shower and relax. In order to feel like I’ve accomplished anything, I like to get a good long workout.

Then I joined Curves. The location where I had a membership closed down, but it was a good learning experience because I learned more about the benefits of strength training.

In the couple of months I worked out at Curves, I saw many more changes in my body than when I was just doing cardio at BodyPlex. (They had strength training classes but I was too shy to attend those, and I also didn’t want a trainer to teach me how to use the weight machines.)

Strength training really made me feel stronger and more energetic and while I didn’t lose weight really, I was shaped differently.0428TL

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When the Curves closed its doors I couldn’t find another affordable gym for several months. Finally I found one near my new apartment. It’s a ladies only facility, and privately owned instead of being a large franchise, so I get lots of personal attention from the trainers (who don’t charge extra for personal instruction, also nice!).

I get to the gym 3 – 5 times a week, but I would like to go every day. Some days I can’t go because the kid care isn’t open all the time, and the hours on Saturdays and Sundays conflict with prior appointments.

I’ve really gotten into strength training and like the classes that combine work with free weights with cardio. My clothes (especially my bra!) are getting a little big on me, but I haven’t lost any weight, which means I’m replacing fat with muscle.

Some days, getting to the gym seems like the only really really right thing I’ve done all day.

I think I’m a bit addicted.

The other day a good friend called me and was dishing a little bit about her frustrations with her husband and kids. I listened without saying much, and she asked me for some advice. She wanted to know how I got through this particularly challenging time in my life. You know what I said?

“Go join a gym. One with free kid care.”


Start your journey to joy now!

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