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Marmee March’s Wisdom

I remember reading Little Women as a teenager and, like most people, enjoying it very much. I wanted my girls to read the book (or to read it aloud to them), so I picked it up again to re-read it. … Continue reading

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Boys, Bras, and Texting

…or, How To Get Your Kids To Stop Opening Your Packages. But the former title made you click, didn’t it? I feel obliged to share a text conversation that took place between my 11 year old son and myself. You … Continue reading

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{pretty, happy, funny, real} Potatoes Edition

{pretty, happy, funny, real} This morning a few of us woke up with a sore throat. Ilana felt cold, so she and Sadie snuggled into her robe. Best friends and worst enemies (at times), these two. I made potato soup … Continue reading

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Natural Moms Podcast #157

This week I interviewed Dr. Lon Jones of CommonSenseMedicine. Dr Jones is an osteopathic family physician and an expert on xylitol. His interest in xylitol began when he used it successfully to treat his granddaughter’s recurrent ear infections. He then … Continue reading

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A Homeschool Day In The Life

Linking up with Simple Homeschool for their Day in the Homeschool Life series. I’m not vain enough to think that anyone wants to see the minutiae of my day, I do these posts for myself, as a reminder of all … Continue reading

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{pretty, happy, funny, real}

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Do you believe in the equilibrium/disequilibrium theory of child development? I do. Wholeheartedly. I wonder if adults experience the same? {pretty} (Two pretty girls and a pretty big brother against a pretty backdrop of greenery.) If … Continue reading

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Review: Celadon Road Natural Cleaners

A clean freak I am not. I tend to care more about order. For instance, I’m a little OCD about my books. They’re always neat, and organized by color. (I’ve tried other systems, but this one makes the most sense … Continue reading

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History Can Wait

“Put down the book, Ilana. It’s time to do history.” Even as I’m saying it, I realize it sounds weird. She’s absorbed in a thick novel, reading it for the second time. (I didn’t homeschool so we could have School … Continue reading

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5 Months

[Note: Don't forget to enter to win the giveaway of organic papaya products here. You have until Wednesday and there are only a few entries!] The other day an online friend emailed to ask when the baby was due. Baby … Continue reading

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Natural Moms Podcast 156

My guest this week is Jessica Oren of We’re talking about the many benefits and uses of papaya for health and well-being. Among other things,  papaya has been show to: * support the blood * strengthen the immunity * … Continue reading

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