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January 1, 2009

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A quick look at my stats for the year showed that these were the top ten posts (by traffic) of 2008. If you see what I mean, 2009

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Did you miss any of them?

1) Breastfeeding and yeast infection – A lot of moms must be suffering from this problem, because this page gets more traffic than any other on this domain, by a landslide.

2) Money and the natural mom – Also quite popular. Despite being “dirty hippies”, some of us natural moms must be interested in money. ;)

3) Concerns over fluorescent lights – CFLs are touted as the best thing since the clothesline for greener living. But are they trouble free?

4) Natural hand sanitizer alternatives – Triclosan was one of the most maligned ingredients of 2008. Here is why.

5) Be an earthy beauty – Free ebook to download with natural skin care and hair care tips and recipes to make your own beauty products.

6) Health benefits of kefir – Kefir means “well being”. Find out why.

7) What is your child’s learning style – How does your child learn best? Knowing this information can make helping your child learn much more enjoyable for both of you.

8 Quick and easy simple dinner recipes – A couple of my favorites and a few donated by other mom bloggers.

9) .25 day at the thrift store – I love it when I can restock everyones wardrobe and feed the reading monster for pennies.

10) Summer cooking tips when it’s too hot to cook – Keep the stove and oven off and eat well during the summer.

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