Big Blog Hiccup

March 14, 2011

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If my blog looks a little wonky, with posts appearing, disappearing, then reappearing in the wrong order, do not adjust your screens.

The server upon which my websites are hosted had a major meltdown, and its backup system wasn’t working, and the thingie that is supposed to alert them to the non-working backup thingy was also broke.


I was offline for several days. I still love love love my host. In several years of using their services, I have never had downtime of more than a few hours (at that is very rare, maybe twice in 6 years?). They gave me a free month of hosting because of this snafu.

I decided not to get upset at this loss of momentum and income. I was able to retrieve my lost posts via Google’s cache. Even the comments, which I’m working on adding back in.

Cupcake Injury
Creative Commons License photo credit: Artotem

Lesson learned.

I need to back up my own websites. I’ve been lazy and negligent about this far too long. Technology isn’t perfect, and it’s time I had a wake up call like this.

I also decided to completely change the look of my blog, so my buddy Kelly McCausey is working her magic as we speak on a new theme.

A girl needs to spruce things up and change stuff around!

I’m toying with the idea of scrapping my domain name for something shorter and snappier. Since I no longer publish the podcast (and I’m not sure if I will in the future), Natural Moms TALK RADIO might not fit so well anymore.

The idea of losing all the years of link juice I’ve earned scares me though.

Your thoughts?

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