BlissDom 09: What You Need to Know About Carrie

February 8, 2009

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I am finally home from BlissDOM 09 and laying in my bed, exhausted, but there’s no way I can sleep.

I am not unlike a toddler in this moment in that there is simply too much for me to do and be and explore to sleep.

I got to meet and know better some rock star blogging moms this weekend who I will be introducing my readers to in the next few days. (If you don’t already know them).

But for those of who you didn’t know me until this weekend, I thought I would post some things about Carrie.

The Cliff notes of me.

So you can see what I’m all about, real quick.

Here goes.

  1. I’m all about my four kids (boy boy girl girl) ages 10 to 3.
  2. I am all about eclectic homeschooling.
  3. I am all about being a work at home mom. I launched my first site 6 years ago.
  4. I have been blogging for over 5 years, longer than most “pro bloggers”. I own several blogs personally and guest blog at a few others.My other main blog is all about my advice for work at home moms.
  5. I have been doing my radio show/podcast for 3 years.
  6. I have been a single mom for two years. I am recently divorced.
  7. I support my family on my income.
  8. I earn through affiliate programs, my own information products, ad sales and Google AdSense.
  9. According to the poll at BlissDOM, Alyssa Avant (also a Mom Masterminds member – no surprise!) and I were two of only 5 or 6 who earn full time money.
  10. If you don’t care about making money, I totally respect that.
  11. I also think it’s foolish for a woman to be 100% economically dependent on a man.
  12. If you want to know how to make money online without selling out or spending all your time on the computer, we need to talk.
  13. I work about two hours a day. Until weekends my kids are with their Dad, when I work several hours a day.
  14. I’m all about breastfeeding. I’ve been lactating for almost 11 years, have tandem nursed 3 times and my 3 year old is still nursing. I was a La Leche League leader for 6 years.
  15. I’m all about attachment parenting and gentle discipline and cosleeping and cloth diapers.
  16. None of my kids has ever received one vaccine and my sons are intact.
  17. I grow more confident about those decisions with each passing year.
  18. I am all about home birth. I had my last 3 at home.
  19. I hated being pregnant but I loved giving birth and having babies and new mom curves and tears and all that babymoon stuff.
  20. I love the smell of birth.
  21. I am done having babies.
  22. If I was married to my soul mate, I would have 12. I get a little crazy when I’m ovulating. Fertile Myrtle, that’s me.
  23. I think Moms are sexy.
  24. After my own mom, I think my older but shorter and curlier haired sister is the best mom I’ve ever known in my entire life and she is my mothering mentor.
  25. She probably didn’t know that until just now.
  26. She just started blogging and I know she’ll be a rock star at it. She is with everything else. (Except housework. But she owns it.)
  27. I eat weird.
  28. I put an inch of organic grass fed butter on everything.
  29. I love fat. I think fat is the best thing, ever.
  30. I only buy grass fed meat and eggs from healthy pastured hens.
  31. I eat lots of raw cheese and only drink raw unpasteurized, nonhomogenized milk from a farm I drive an hour to round trip.
  32. My hair smells like Starbucks and coconut oil.
  33. I am going prematurely gray.
  34. I put olive oil and honey on my face.
  35. I think the food at BlissDOM 09 sucked.
  36. Sucked is the raunchiest word I will use on this blog. I don’t cuss on this blog.
  37. (I also think Little Debbies and WalMart suck LOL)
  38. I am deeply religious (Christian) and it impacts every single facet of my life, but don’t talk about it much on this blog.
  39. I’ve never been drunk. Not even once.
  40. I’ve never smoked. Anything.
  41. I take out my anxieties on my cuticles.
  42. I am a simple kind of girl. I’m a minimalist and very frugal.I own two pairs of jeans. .25 day at the thrift store and good yard sales get me excited.
  43. I’m more Doc Martens than Birkies.
  44. I love good hot coffee (cream, no sugar) and a good book.
  45. I don’t drink soda pop.
  46. I am sensitive to wheat and my 3 year old is allergic to it so we are mostly wheatless in my home.
  47. I don’t own a Television set.
  48. Or a video game console.
  49. Or a dryer.
  50. And I like it that way.
  51. I had the best childhood anyone could ask for.
  52. I lived in Ireland and the experience has shaped my entire life.
  53. I want my kids to travel abroad too.
  54. Workin’ on it.
  55. I live just south of Atlanta, GA in the city. I can live either in the city or country but I despise the suburbs.
  56. I love Chris Martin and think he is the ideal and most beautiful man in the world. When I saw Coldplay in concert recently, I jumped up and down so hard, I wet myself just a little.
  57. Despite 11 years of Kegels.
  58. I also think Gwynnie Pooh is an amazing woman so I would be a good girl even if I was stuck in an elevator with him.
  59. I might give him a hug and run my fingers through his blonde curls though.
  60. My favorite women are June Carter Cash, Pippi Longstocking, Bettie Page (the Christian years, not the pinup years) and Abigail and Sarah (of Genesis).
  61. I am very opinionated. I am also nonjudgmental. Which means I will debate with you, and we will still be friends. Some of my most admired friends are completely opposite of me, mothering wise. I think we can all learn from each other.
  62. I am part Romany and part Irish Traveler (Tinker). I could live in an Airstream. Actually I don’t know if that is true about the Gypsy thing, but I could live in a caravan anyway.
  63. I am mildly agoraphobic and love tight spaces.

Still here?

Good, let’s be friends.

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9 Responses to “BlissDom 09: What You Need to Know About Carrie”

  1. Alyssa on February 8th, 2009 3:44 pm

    I loved meeting you in person. I knew ALOT of this stuff about you, but I”ve been following you online a LONG time. It was awesome to talk with such an intelligent woman whom I share common knowledge with and I was delighted to hear you were a Christian and that it was such a huge part of who you are. Since you don’t talk online about that much I didn’t know that, and since I do talk about it online ALL the time it was fun to connect with that part of you!

  2. Amanda on February 8th, 2009 4:04 pm


    I didn’t go to Blissdom but it seems like I’ve known you online for a while now. Are you going to blogher? If I do go I hope to get to meet you there because you seem like all kinds of awesome! -even though there are a few things we are different on! :)

  3. Roni on February 8th, 2009 4:04 pm

    Love love loved this post! We have almost nothing in common (except I love breastfeeding) but I’m also opinionated and nonjudgmental. :)

    So nice meeting you! I recently posted 100 things about me if you are interested…

  4. carrie on February 8th, 2009 4:19 pm

    @Alyssa – I like to keep business and faith separate but I knew we had that in common. Yea for good girls lol!

    @Amanda – you rock so hard my friend. Yes we have known each other forever and there was another lady at Blissdom who looked just like you in the face, when I saw her my heart quickened a little because I was all, it’s Amanda!!!! but then she stood up and she was not a munchkin. :-) I was so disappointed lol!

    @Roni off to comment….

  5. Marie on February 8th, 2009 4:36 pm

    I already know a little bit about you Carrie – but, it’s always nice to know you a little bit more. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sharie on February 8th, 2009 5:54 pm

    I didn’t really know you, but I feel like I do a little more now.
    Thanks for sharing…
    And I definitely feel a kindred spirit kind of thing. I’ve felt so alone in my parenting style and choices all these years–22 to be exact, as my oldest just turned that in Jan.09–and am thrilled to have found a way to hopefully share what I’ve learned all these years with people who can appreciate it. (At least I’m gonna give it my best shot!) : )
    I think we could swap menus and not know the difference-lol.
    I have four kids, have been married for 23 1/2 yrs (and I’m only 40..
    did I say ONLY?! ugh!), and share many of the same thoughts and beliefs you do. And also intend to keep my faith separate.
    Also very opinionated and non-judgmental. Honestly didn’t know other people could even “get” that thought.
    Just joined MM and hope to learn a lot more from all of you amazing women. I really appreciate the spirit of sharing wahms have.
    Anyway, hope you get some rest, and thanks for all the great info.

  7. Lisa D. on February 8th, 2009 7:27 pm

    Awwww Sis,
    You are an amazing woman! Livin’ life right, doin’ the best for your people, you will be blessed!
    btw, it takes a true rock star to recognize another!
    Now get some rest.
    Love you,

  8. Sarah @ Ordinary Days on February 9th, 2009 2:24 pm

    54. You have the most beautiful hair!

    I loved reading this and getting to know you better. We have a lot in common. I’m big on breastfeeding too. I also use olive oil on my face. And I plan on homeschooling next year. Just to name a few…

    Now about the making more money with your blog….I’d love to talk to you more about that. Email me!

  9. casual friday everyday on February 9th, 2009 2:39 pm

    You just plain rock, Carrie.

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