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Today on Moms Morning Show, we started a new theme: Blogging With WordPress: Having Fun and Making Money

This blog is on WordPress, and I adore it as a blogging and site building tool! I have another couple of blogs that are still on Blogger, and I’m in the process of moving one of them, my business blog, to WordPress too. The other is a community (multi author)¬†blog, Because Mom Said So, and I’m leaving it be for now.

But I love WordPress. I mentioned on the show just two reasons why. There are many but two of my favorite things about WordPress are:

  • The scheduling capability. Have you ever been super chatty on your blog and sat down and wrote several posts at a time? And conversely, have you ever had a day or a week when you were pretty silent or too busy to blog? Scheduling allows you to blog and date those posts to publish on the date you wish.
  • The “post slug” feature. For SEO (search engine optimization) and other purposes, the ability to give your blog post a particular html name instead of it automatically being the title of the post is very valuable. You generally want your post title to be interesting enough to make people want to click through and read, but if you want search engines to like you more, you need to let THEM know what the post is about, and you can do that by putting keywords in the post slug. Also, if you have a newsletter and are emailing people about your blog post, giving it a snappier, shorter html name is better.

Of course there are many other things I prefer about WordPress. I’ll tell you more of them soon. I’m working on a report called “The Natural Moms Blogging Guide”. It will be a free download for my subscribers only, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter!

In the meantime, if you have a blog and want to learn how to maximize it (to earn money!) visit Lynette Chandler’s Blogging Starter Pack. Lynette was hosting that day and she is THE WO-MAN to get to know if you have a blog. :-)

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