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February 14, 2008

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I listened to The Household Helper episode in which Cara mentioned two of her favorite household management books. The two she mentioned were two of my personal favorites too!

People are talking lately about Martha Stewart’s book on home keeping, but years before her, Cheryl Mendelsohn wrote Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House. Just saying the title makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Home Comforts sounds so much nicer than “house cleaning”. I learned some interesting tidbits about cleaning in this book, including the fact that Italians and Brits have different ideas about making beds. In England, making beds is considered essential for good housekeeping. But in Italy, it’s considered gross not to “air the sheets” for several hours in the morning.

No wonder I’ve always resisted making beds. I belong in Italy!

I also discovered FlyLady soon after I became a Mom. Back in those days I was challenged trying to simply a) keep the baby alive and b) get dinner on the table. FlyLady’s routines and a baby sling were my saving grace.

I confess I don’t do everything she recommends, but the “keep your sink clean” and the wearing shoes bit has stuck. I cannot stand to have a dirty kitchen sink! And my feet hurt when I don’t wear shoes - not to mention my kids seem magnetically attracted to standing on my toes. Ouch!

The concept of the morning and evening routine has also become a part of my subconscious. With 4 kids it’s necessary to my sanity to be organized.

Now cleaning the shower… not so good. ;)

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