WW: Does Your Mom Blog Need Boosting?

boost your mom blogFor Work at Home Wednesday this week I have some tips and a recommendation.

Many moms are blogging these days.

A good portion of these moms are doing it because blogging is, as Havi of The Fluent Self calls it, “Therapy you don’t have to pay for.”

I have said something similar for years!

Moms often blog for their sanity, but some of us need to make money from our blogging efforts.

Sadly, stats show that most bloggers make chump change, a pittance from their blogging efforts. It just doesn’t have to be this way!

This is not because blogging can’t provide you with income, but because most bloggers simply do not know HOW to monetize their blogs.

You don’t know what you don’t know.


Since my blog(s) provide the bulk of my online income, I have a few things to say about boosting your mom blog.

Boost Your Mom Blog

Firstly, if you haven’t already downloaded this, the Natural Mom Blogging guide has lots of useful tips. You can grab it free.

I also spilled it for Kelly at Profitable Mommy Blogging here. You can listen to that audio for free also.

There are several things I notice about mom blogs that are impacting their profitability. Some of those are easy to fix but require a small investment of time or money. They are:

Not publishing to your own domain.

I outlined some of the reasons why that’s a mistake in this article on “Do you really own your blog?”. While it’s so quick and cheap to publish to a subdomain like yourname.blogspot.com or yourname.wordpress.com, it will cost you visitors and income.

Not differentiating yourself.

It’s not enough to have a mom blog. You need to think about what makes you different.

Even though we’re more alike than not, highlighting your story (even if it’s something like how your child’s seizures led you to healthy eating or your amazing love story with your spouse or whatever) makes you special and draws readers to you.

If you showed up at a party and some girl had on YOUR dress, you would get upset and want to leave, wouldn’t you? So why would you do that on the internet? :-)

Not recommending products.

Most of us say we hate to sell. I’m no different. This is why I sucked at direct sales and why I prefer affiliate marketing to creating my own products.

But here’s the thing.

Do you hate to buy? My guess is, no. All of us like to buy things that align with our values.

Guess what?

Your blog readers are also buying stuff! Stuff that makes their life easier, makes them feel greener, like a better parent, skinner or whatever it is.

Why shouldn’t you help make things easier on them by recommending great products to them that YOU also like to buy?

One easy way to dip your toe into affiliate marketing (hint – click link for free affiliate marketing course for natural moms) is to simply look around your house at the products you buy. The ones you loved, hated, etc. Write reviews of those products and monetize them with Amazon.com affiliate links. If you buy an ebook and loveitorhateit, blog about it and use an affiliate link!

(Tip: Most ebooks have affiliate programs. Search the bottom of the page where you bought it for the words “affiliate” or “make money” or somesuch. Click it. I have an affiliate program too. You can learn about my products and get cool stuff to make promoting them copy and paste easy.)

People are buying stuff online every day. As a blogger you have the opportunity to point people in the right direction (thereby saving them time and hassle) by recommending neat stuff. How nice of you. :)

Another tip in the monetization category. Don’t clutter up your blog’s sidebars with doohickey widgets that don’t earn you money but that just look cute. Look cute doesn’t pay the bills or put food on the table and cloth diapers on the baby’s bum. Umkay? :-)

I take the position that buttons and stuff have to EARN a spot on my blog. I typically only put stuff over that that makes me money. And if after a month or two it’s not making me money (despite that fact that I’m sending it traffic), I scrap it. You can put all the doohickeys on one page like your About me or Media page. If you win an award, put that there too. That stuff is cute and all but again – cute don’t make you money.

Not learning/studying blogging.

Another mistake bloggers who want to make money but aren’t are making is not learning about HOW to do so. This doesn’t have to be a full time endeavor. You could invest an hour a week in learning more about how successful bloggers make money and dramatically boost your earnings in just a month’s time.
Energize Your Blog

Now I have a recommendation of my own to make. I joined Blog Energizer a few weeks ago because I have known the owner, Lynette Chandler, for years through my involvement with Mom Masterminds. She knows her stuff and is definitely a “problogger”. So I joined right away. I wrote about some of the benefits I’ve received already on my business blog here: caffeinate your blog.

You can join Blog Energizer for free for a month to try it out. Inside you will find stuff to help you: get ideas for blog posts, free stuff to giveaway to your readers, neat affiliate program to join to help you earn money, a community of people willing to post to your blog (free content you don’t have to write!), and more. Lynette is even going to donate food to a charitable organization if she hits a certain number of members so you can help her out with that lofty goal by joining.

Click here to Boost Your Mom Blog.

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2 Responses to WW: Does Your Mom Blog Need Boosting?

  1. Heidi says:

    I have been floating around the internet for a couple of years trying to find a way to share my advice but still make a little money on the side. I have heard that blogging was a good way to do that but I didn’t have any success with it. I’ve read many ebooks and systems, but never had anyone to ask questions of if I got stuck.

    What I needed was someone to show me step by step how to set up a blog the right way, write posts effectively, know what plugins to use, and basically just guide me on how to make this work. I wanted to learn from someone that was a mom earning money from home that was willing to show me how to do the same.

    What you have written about above looks like it is for someone that already has a blog and knows what they are doing. At she has fresh content for pro bloggers, but, best of all, has help and instruction for those just starting out. This might be worth checking out for those who are new to blogging.

  2. Jenn says:

    Awesome post, Carrie! Thanks for sharing :)

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