Tidbits: Breastfeeding research, raw milk video

A recently published study shows that breastfeeding does not make your breasts sag. (An excuse that aristocrats have used for centuries to justify hiring wet nurses.) It’s factors like multiple pregnancies (and the hormones that go along with the condition), age and weight that are responsible.

Glad to see this research being published, although the information has been circulating in pro breastfeeding circles for years.

Another myth is that breastfeeding makes your breasts smaller. That may be true for some women but the effect is temporary and only lasts for a few cycles after weaning. Women often perceive their breasts to be smaller but that’s because their breasts got bigger during nursing.

Typically after several cycles, a woman’s breasts replace the bulk that was taken up with milk producing glands with fat, as they were before breastfeeding began. So if you’ve just weaned and feel smaller, just hang in there for several months.

Of course, for some women, their breasts stay larger after breastfeeding (like their feet?!).

Another study points to one reason by breastfed babies have less issues with overweight. Because they are better at regulating their caloric intake.

And finally here is a quick video from Australia about a family enjoying the benefits of raw milk, from Nourished magazine.

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2 Responses to Tidbits: Breastfeeding research, raw milk video

  1. Monica says:

    thanks for sharing, this is great info to share with friends. We’ve finally found a source for raw milk in our city.

  2. Elizabeth Ashe says:

    such great information. I did a report about this awhile back in college and such great information.

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