Breastfeeding Saves Lives

When we think of how breastfeeding saves lives, we often think of instances where a baby is highly allergic to formula, or has other special needs.

We rarely think about emergency situations, but in these cases, breastfeeding becomes even more important.

For one thing, in times of natural disaster, water supplies are often dangerously polluted. This makes it difficult to obtain clean water to mix up formula.

I read this news report this morning about how moms breastfeeding their babies saved not only the moms and babies, but perhaps other people too.

“… when terrorists stormed the Cama and Albless Hospitals last Wednesday.

β€œThe terrorists were violently banging the locked iron grills and even the slightest noise by the babies could have alerted the terrorists,” said Dr Archana Garud, chief medical officer, who was on duty that night. β€œThe ayah suggested that all mothers breastfeed their babies to hush them up.”

Garud said this brainwave saved the lives of patients as well as hospital staff.

Wow. Another testament to the power of mom’s milk. :-)

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2 Responses to Breastfeeding Saves Lives

  1. Esper says:

    Wow! That is so amazing! :) :) !

  2. Erin says:

    I almost cried when I read that article too! I was at work and I read it to my clients who were in the waiting room. Thank goodness those mom were bf their babies.

    I remember when Katrina hit – reading about disasters and breastfeeding. It suggested that moms don’t refuse formula offered in shelters and emergency sites but to graciously accept it and drink it herself. Mom can use those calories to make milk for her baby. I thought it was great!

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