One of These Nights

April 7, 2010 | 1 Comment

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Yesterday I was sleepy from being up for a few nights with sick kiddos. Some kind of 24 hour fever bug. Thankfully everyone is on the mend.

This morning I’m up much earlier than usual. Can’t lie in bed when sciatica pain is hitting me. And when my rumbling stomach says I forgot my bedtime snack.

It occurs to me that when you’re a mom, a lot of interesting things happen at night.

And that one of these nights (in 12 to 14 weeks or so), something very interesting will happen.

One of these nights I’ll go to bed with crampy feelings. I’ll wonder if “this is it”.

One of these nights I’ll wake up and my water will have broken.

I’ll get up, putz around the house, brush my teeth and put makeup on, get a quick shower. I’ll do some light housework inbetween the contractions. I’ll have an inner dialogue about when to call the midwife.

One of these nights I’ll grab the box that came in the mail down from the top of the fridge (or wherever I’ve hidden it from my girls who would be irresistibly attracted to its contents).  The birth kit.

I’ll gather the package of sanitized sheets, diapers and towels that are wrapped in plastic and taped up and get them handy.

I’ll consider calling my mom to tell her this is it. She’s already up. She knows.

One of these nights I’ll gently rouse my husband. I’ll let him know I’m in labor, but to keep sleeping while he can. When I need the pool filled, I’ll wake him again. He’ll go back to sleep promptly (as only a man can under these conditions!).

One of these nights I’ll visit the bathroom a LOT. My body will make room everywhere for a baby to come through.

I’ll consider going back to bed but instead will rest on the couch.

One of these nights I’ll writhe around on the floor, in my bed and in a pool of warm water, breathing and moaning softly through pain that feels like a tearing in half.

And later on say it was easy.

One of these nights, I’ll welcome a brand new human being into the world.

Around 1:40pm
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TmT: I’ll Hold Your Hand

March 11, 2010 | 2 Comments

Yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday was a pic of my youngest daughter getting her first x-rays at the Dentist.

When she walked into the x-ray room and was asked to hop up in that huge chair with all that strange alien equipment around her, she looked a little nervous.

Mommy couldn’t go into the room because I’m pregnant.

So big sister immediately volunteered to go in with her.

And hold her hand. And her teddy too.

WW: Big Sister

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Top Ten Faves This Pregnancy

February 23, 2010 | 3 Comments

PhotobucketToday marks my 20th week of pregnancy, the official halfway mark. In view of this I decided to post my top 10 favorite things so far this baby downloading.

  1. MOE’S Southwest Grill. Let’s get food right out of the way since it’s SO very important to me at the moment, umkay? If this little one is a boy I might have to name him Moe because I cannot seem to get enough of their steak Overachiever tacos. The perfect combo of tastes to please the pregnant palate: crunch, protein, guac! and vinegary tomatillo salsa. Yum
  2. Green Olives. Straight outta the jar.Oloive86
  3. Cinnamon Calli tea. The only thing I’ve found to ease my nausea a bit.
  4. My Old Navy maternity under the belly skinny jeans. These make me feel like some parts of me are semi-normal still.
  5. The emails that keep me updated on baby’s size and development each week. Also sweet to forward to Big Z.
  6. Target’s maternity clearance rack, where I’ve snagged shirts for $2.
  7. My BeBand that kept me in my pre-preggers jeans for several weeks past their unbottoned capacity. I’ve even used it as a comfy bra under dresses that are too low cut. I also plan on using it to hold my pants together postpartum before I’m able to button them.
  8. Big Z. For putting 5 kids to bed every night by himself while I try to sleep off nausea.
  9. Sweet children who are tiptoe around and are extra nice to me and each other after they hear me vomiting in the bathroom.  Also Sadie and Ilana lifting my shirt to kiss my belly and say, “Hi baby, I love you!”
  10. My Floradix. My iron has been low this pregnancy so I started taking this stuff. It doesn’t make me sick and cause constipation like other iron supplements. Also doesn’t taste half bad!

    Creative Commons License photo credit: Bludgeoner86

Pediatrician Zhivago

February 19, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Yesterday I got a little spanking from the kid’s pediatrician.

You see, I only take my kids to the Doctor when they’re sick and I’m unsure of the diagnosis or am concerned that it’s more serious than what I can handle and treat at home.

Which ends up being about every 5 years or so.

Apparently Pediatricians like to see the wee ones more often than that. Who knew?

Seriously though, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?

My youngest has only been to the Doctor twice in her 4 years. Once was when she was a week old for a comprehensive newborn exam. The next time was when she had an infected hangnail that wasn’t responding to home remedies and was painful to touch.

Yesterday the occasion was a little check up for Julien. It all started with a visit to the Dentist. During the exam, he asked me if Julien had ever suffered from reflux.

No, why?”

He has some unusual wear on his back teeth that isn’t indicative of bruxism but looks more like that of a child with reflux. Does he ever have hot burps?”

Stifling a laugh, I respond that he has never complained of any symptoms.

It could be that he had it in the past. Just mention it to his pediatrician next time you see him.”

I’ve noticed a couple of things with Julien that concerned me and wasn’t sure if they were related, but reflux might fit the picture. And since he hasn’t seen the pediatrician in a few years, I decided to make him an appointment.

After looking over Julien’s chart, the Doctor immediately starts in on me.

I not see dis child for 4 years. How I know if his growth eez normal? What about his yearly FEE-zee-cul?”

(You see, pediatrician is from Israel and has a cute accent. Also bears resemblance to Omar Sharif. With a little Raffi too. Who I also had a wee crush on. Which is the real reason I endure this.)

After looking in Julien’s mouth and ears he asks me one question:

“Does he have odor from zee mouth?”

Uh-oh. Yes, I am now admitting to the world wide internets that my beautiful sweet darling boy has stinky breath. All the time. Even after brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning. This is one of those little things I was concerned about.

When I admitted this to the good Doc, he made an immediate recommendation.

Get him some Act-EEE-vee-ya. You know dis Act-EEE-vee-ya? One a day, in zee morning. He needs bac-TEER-e-yas. Act-EEE-vee-ya has zee good bac-TEER-e-yas. Also, Tag.a.met. 150 milligrams, for two weekz.”


photo Wikipedia

Sigh. I’m not unhappy about the Activia with the good bacterias, but I’m not so happy about the Tagamet.

After all, he hasn’t done any tests to confirm the diagnosis. Is this one of those Dr. House-ish moves where you give the patient the drugs and if they get better, you confirm what you thought was wrong with them?

So you think he has reflux?”

“No. You need make appointment for FEE-zee-cul so I can run some tests.”

So why are we giving him Tagamet when we aren’t sure he has reflux?

(Doctors just love it when you challenge them like this.)

Dear Mother Can You Hear Me Whining?

February 5, 2010 | 2 Comments

I picked up the phone to call my mother today but she was still in bed which isn’t surprising since it’s one of those awful cold wet rainy dark days and I was going to whine about how on top of having nausea 24 hours a day I hurt my neck and despite my dear husband rubbing it with essential oils it still hurt like the dickens and I couldn’t sleep on my right side and it even hurt when I slept on my left so I had to sleep on my back which isn’t exactly comfy at 17 weeks and it hurts so bad this morning I can’t help my 4 and 7 year old daughters do their homeschool math so instead the 7 year old is helping the 4 year old and reading her stories which really is just too cute and to add insult to injury I’ve been having these headaches which I’ve never had during my pregnancies before and I can’t believe I have to go out in this God-awful weather and drag 4 kids to the grocery store but we need stuff so I can cook dinner and we’re out of snacks except bread which is fine for the older kids but Sadie is allergic and will get itchy rashes and productive farts which just makes more laundry and so I have to go and also I’m craving orange juice so badly I might hurt someone if I don’t get some soon and why did Georgia have to decide after a decade of drought to make up for lost time by raining buckets for months on end this winter and if I don’t get some sun on my face soon I might hurt myself and I read the other day that the excess estrogen in pregnancy can cause irritability and I’m all, “no sh@#*% Sherlock” and Caleb says he has no pants to wear and I remember that I didn’t do any laundry yesterday because of the intense nausea and headaches so instead of having 4 loads to do today I have 8 just to keep on top of it so I’m actually considering letting my 11 year old stay home by himself from the store but then his brother finds him a pair and suddenly I notice the kids are being awfully sweet to each other and to me probably because I lost it a little bit yesterday and raised my voice which I don’t usually do but I think they realized they had pushed too far and I suddenly feel a little ashamed complaining since the Amish women are so tough and all and some women cannot conceive a child and would be happy to be miserable for 9 months and although birth is pretty cool I wouldn’t take a 7 figure salary to be a surrogate mom.


… thank goodness when Mom can’t come to the phone, I still have my blog. :-)

Mom Brags

December 28, 2009 | 2 Comments

“Dear Ms. Lauth,

Ms. Ocean asked me to bring in pizza today to recognize students that have been demonstrating role model behavior.  Julien was one of the ones she selected.  There were 7 kids…they were very proud of themselves.”

Ms. Ocean’s Room Mom

Handling Mom Guilt

December 15, 2009 | 4 Comments

A reader sent me this email and I got her permission to publish it here.

“Hi, I enjoy your site and respect the views I have read in your articles. Thank you. I would consider myself an attachment-style parent. Extended breastfeeder, co-sleeper, natural birth, etc. all come natural to me.

I have two kids and recently have resorted to spanking and out-of-control behavior to discipline my 2 1/2 year old.

Now that I have stopped, I can hardly stand the guilt. It is almost unbearable.

I am the most optimistic and up-beat person I know and this makes me depressed, for the first time in my life. I know you are also busy with parenting issues, but I was hoping you had some words of wisdom to help me deal with this guilt.

My son’s aggressive behavior makes me feel so bad, knowing I have caused it. Thank you for listening.”

Honestly, I doubt there are any of us who haven’t made what we consider to be mistakes in our parenting journey. I know I have several regrets as a Mom. We all fail to live up to our own ideals at times. That’s because we’re human beings, and therefore imperfect.

I do know that prolonged guilt is destructive and counterproductive. But it’s not easy to get rid of it and forgive ourselves for our mistakes.

Do you have any advice or words of comfort for this mom?

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First Trimester Fog

December 4, 2009 | 3 Comments

(169/365) Urrghh....
Creative Commons License photo credit: Sarah G…

This isn’t the fun part.

This is the “What the heck was I thinking?!” part.

The opening the pickle jar in the middle of the grocery store NOW lest someone get HURT part.

The gagging when your beloved husband tries to kiss you part.

The everything tastes nasty and turns to sand in your mouth part.

The eating every hour to avoid vomiting part.

The holding your nose when you cook/clean/do laundry/smell anything part.

The napping and arising so tired part.

The peeing all night part.

The brushing your teeth in stages to minimize the gagging part.

The “I could moonlight as a Hound Dog” part.

This is the bit that comes before the feeling the kicking part.

And before the hearing the heartbeat part.

And the cute maternity clothes shopping part.


Wordless Wednesday: BFP

November 18, 2009 | 14 Comments


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