Attachment Parenting Website For Sale

April 1, 2008 | 3 Comments

My friend Jen Houck is selling her AttachmentMoms website. If you want to get started with an online business, buying a website with established traffic and incoming links is a nice way to get a jumpstart. If you are already marketing online to this market, this site might make a welcome addition to your virtual real estate.

Go take a look and see what you think. Leave a comment below with your email address and Jen will be in touch. :-)

Work at Home Mom Success Tips

February 22, 2008 | 9 Comments

I wanted to pass along this interview that I did with Christina Lemmey for MommysPlace, an excellent work at home Mom resource website.

If you’re considering starting an online business or are new to the internet marketing/wahm world, you might find it inspiring at least and helpful too. I talk about:

  • The journey from my first website to full time wahm
  • How I decided to target the natural mom niche
  • Some of my early mistakes marketing online
  • Tips on finding your niche
  • Support - finding it and leveraging other’s wisdom
  • My biggest obstacles (this one will surprise you)
  • The internet and passive income (this is great for moms!)
  • Advice for those who are discouraged

Go listen here.

Tuesday Tidbits: Cloth pads for African girls, Beef recall

February 19, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Tuesday Tidbits is where I publish little bits of news and info that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else. If you want to play along, grab the code for the graphic (I host it and all cause I’m cool like that) on the right sidebar.

1- Barbara of Mom2Mom Lounge interviewed me asking questions about working from home and enjoying passive income while raising your kidlets. There’s some valuable advice in there so go check it out.

2- Have you talked to your kids about the choking game?

3- Have you seen those Proctor and Gamble ads encouraging you to buy their tampons so that African girls can get free tampons? Don’t do it. Crunchy chicken has a MUCH better idea. Tampons, waste incinerators and voodoo=bad. Washable absorbent cloth pads=good. Ok?

She’ll be featured on the show in a few weeks so stay tuned, but in the meantime see what awesome nonprofitness she is doing for these girls who often miss school during their monthlies. Rock on sista.902652_cows_in_field.jpg

4- The U.S. has announced the largest beef recall in history. This is so sad, considering the meat was earmarked for use in public schools. I’m thankful that sitting in my freezer are organic grass fed beef, pork and chicken from a small Tennessee farm who does monthly deliveries to Atlanta. I feel much safer knowing the people who handle my meat.

Ahem. Seriously folks, organic meat is worth the added expense. If you haven’t found a source of safe meat yet, try EatWild or LocalHarvest.



You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours

February 17, 2008 | 2 Comments

Have you heard about Scratchback? It’s kind of like a fancy tip jar, but with a nice twist for the tipper: you get a link from my site to yours.

Scroll down and look at the right sidebar here, under Subscribe to Natural Moms News.

See the links? Click on the Show some love, tip me link. You can get a link from this blog for only (right now) $3. That is VERY cheap. Considering I get $50 - $125 for advertisers on my podcast.

So if you’re on a budget and want some extra traffic to your blog or site, leave me a tip!

Promoting Your Blog

February 14, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Since we talked on Moms Morning Show about promoting your blog, I thought I would share some ideas that I have used to get more traffic to my blogs.

  • Write Articles - Turn some of your lengthier, informative posts into articles and publish them at places like Ladypens.
  • Link Out - When you see great posts by fellow bloggers (especially those in your niche), link to their posts and talk about why you enjoyed reading them. They will often link back to you or become a reader.
  • Read and Comment - Find other blogs in your area of interest or expertise and follow them. Leave meaningful comments (don’t spam).
  • Blog Carnivals - Submit some of your best posts to Blog Carnival for more link love and traffic.
  • Write Good Content - No matter how hard you work at building traffic, if your blog is boring you won’t keep people around. Show your personality, be informative and don’t run totally from controversy. This is probably the most important tip. If your content is good, people will link to you more and you will find yourself getting contacted by media.
  • Consider Keywords - When you write posts, think about keywords that people could use to find you in search engines. Blogs should be people friendly first and search engine friendly second, but it doesn’t hurt to name your title (and in the case of Wordpress blogs) and post slug something catchy that includes keywords and phrases.
  • Blog Frequently - People who love to read blogs like to read blogs. If they click on your site and you haven’t updated in a week or more, they might remove you from their feed reader. If you find that you don’t know what to blog about sometimes, read this article: What in the world do I blog about?

Moms Talk Radio

How I Got Out of Debt

February 14, 2008 | 1 Comment

I’ve been meaning to post this for several months, but listening to Marie Ynami interview Christine McKinley on her podcast reminded me. They talked about Christine’s free teleseminar (which is now passed but if you check out her site she offers this information in ebook format) all about getting out of debt.

Basically, this is what I did to pay off my credit card debt:

  1. Stopped using the cards - You can’t get out of a hole unless you stop digging!
  2. Paid off the smallest card first - I did this for the psychological boost it gave me. It had a small balance and getting it over with made me happy.
  3. Created a large visual - I put a large chart on my office wall with my debt, income and savings. It was exciting to see my savings and income grow each month while my debt got smaller!
  4. Sold stuff of value - I got rid of things that didn’t mean a lot to me but that could be turned into cash. And I disciplined myself to use that money towards the debt.
  5. Started an emergency fund first - While this seems backwards to some, it helped me feel safer and in control. I thought it would be awful to get out of debt and then have all 4 tires fall off my car or have some other emergency and have to get back in! So having that “baby contingency fund” gave me real peace of mind and made me feel proactive instead of reactive.
  6. Ramped up my income - I worked hard in my business to step up my earnings.
  7. Tracking my spending - I kept a small notebook in my purse and wrote down EVERY penny I spent. Just the act of doing that curbed my spending! Plus it pointed out weak spots (coffee and books) that I could work on.
  8. Rewarded myself for being frugal - I budgeted a small amount (less than before but still something) on little treats for myself so I wouldn’t feel totally deprived.
  9. Transferred balances - I transferred balances on two cards to one that offered zero interest for 6 months. And I paid it off in 6 months then closed the card. Teehee! I beat the evil credit card companies at their own game!
  10. Read a lot about personal finance - I read a lot of books during that time about debt, personal finance and emotions around money. I discovered some great blogs!
  11. I made sacrifices - I temporarily stopped paying my kids an allowance. I talked to them about my goals, about debt and about what we would do when the debt was paid. One of the things I did when the cards were paid was buy my oldest a guitar. I also didn’t buy myself new clothing for a few months. I just kept focusing on what I wanted, which was to not be beholden to anyone, and did whatever I could to meet that goal, which meant sacrificing things that weren’t as important to me.
  12. I spoke my goal out loud - I shared my goal with others who were close to me, and because of that, opportunities came my way because I had declard my intention.

I hope that helps someone else :-)

Moms Talk Radio

Postpartum Depression and Work at Home Moms

February 14, 2008 | 1 Comment

WahmTalkRadio this week was really wonderful. I have never really thought about the implications of depression and postpartum depression for the work at home Mom, but Wendy Piersall did an awesome job of not only sharing her personal story, but giving other moms some advice if they find themselves in that situation.

When I listened to the show I thought about my I’ve always speculated about postpartum depression - I believe that PPD is multi faceted and there are several factors that come into play, but that most of it is due to the modern family situation that Moms find themselves in. Making new moms spend most of their time alone (in the case of a sahm) with a new baby, isolated from family and support, is a recipe for disaster and a modern invention.

Wendy reiterated something that I said on Mom’s Morning Show last week too… that “faking” happiness works! She said that she had to remind herself to put a smile on her face when she sat at the computer. Some of her practical suggestions for managing a case of the blues or full fledged depression are:

Get out in the sun. If your depression is caused by or made worse by Seasonal Affective Disorder, this will definitely help. Put your home office in a sunny area of the house, not the basement or a closet.

Eat your vegetables. Good nutrition supports a healthy mind AND body. Getting some fatty fish would be a good idea too, since the Omega 3’s have been shown to help depression. There are other foods that help S.A.D. listed here.

Schedule spirituality. It’s easy to forget about the things that fill our buckets, but we can’t afford to leave it to chance. Taking time to meditate, pray, do activities that remind you of your spiritual need.

Nurture your social life. When you’re feeling blue, often the last thing you want is to socialize, but isolating yourself makes things worse. Force yourself if possible, to get out and be around people. Even if all you can do at first is take your laptop to the coffee shop.

Moms Talk Radio


How do you make money with a blog?

February 14, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Today on Moms Morning Show Chele, Wendy, Kelly and I discussed making money with a blog and promoting your blog.

When Kelly asked, “How do you make money with your blog?”

My answer was this: “The quick easy answer is, the same way you make money with any other site: selling your own products, selling someone else’s products for a commission, Google Adsense and selling advertising.”

Wendy shared a word of caution when it comes to Text Link Ads and other sponsored posts, she said that Google recently decided to punish blogs who did so, which led to a decrease in her income.

Kelly also asked if there were any bloggers that I had learned from. Absolutely - I mentioned Tiffany Washko, Alice Seba, and Kelly McCausey. I made the observation that you can learn great blogging from ANY good blogger, regardless of their niche or the content of their blog.

Moms Talk Radio


Being Positive Despite Difficulties (besides eating chocolate)

February 14, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Today on Moms Morning Show Kelly, Cara, Marie and I talked some more about being positive in business. Blog Talk Radio was having some issues and there was a bad echo until Marie hung up (sorry Marie!). So when she left the show, she left us with a question:

“How do you remain positive when you’re doing everything you should but have problems due to factors beyond your control?”

I thought that was a great question and my response was that the answer was self evident. Marie left the conversation due to her phone, but she gave us an interesting topic for conversation instantly (and due to some insomnia, I for one was feeling a little brain dead until then!).

I shared how one day when I was all geared up to get some major work done, had the mommy’s helper over and a big fat to do list to accomplish, and my Internet went dead.

I tried all the usual things, but nothing was working. Later I found out that the internet was down everywhere in my neighborhood. At first I was really disappointed, but I decided to try to make the best of the situation. So I thought about what I *could* do, which was get on my computer and write.

But, that day ended up being one of the most productive days I’ve ever had, because I started my first information product. The rough draft was complete that day. Who knows how long I might have procrastinated on that, and income I would have lost out on. So, my thought was to try to make the best of the situation.

Secondly, language is very powerful. I remember reading a point in one of Anthony Robbins’ books about this. He suggested that we intentionally downplay our unpleasant feelings when we speak, and our emotions will follow suit. For instance, if we’re tired we should say “I’m feeling a bit tired today”, instead of “I’m so totally and completely exhausted!”. Or, instead of saying “It’s always something” or “If it’s not one thing it’s another”, say something like: “This is a little annoying, but I’ll work through it.”

Another thing I mentioned on the show is that if we have the expectation that life will behave, we’re setting ourselves up for major disappointment. Life doesn’t behave! Life is great but it doesn’t behave, so we can’t expect it to be trouble free.

Changing that paradigm will work wonders in our life.

I see parallels with parenting here. For one, we need to be careful about how we talk (even in our own minds) about our kids. With my oldest, I had difficulty teaching him how not to be bossy with other children. First, I switched “bossy” around in my head and turned it into “natural leader”.

So I would remind him that he was a natural leader, and that would serve him well in adulthood, but for now he needed to learn how not to turn other kids off when he interacted with them.

We also can’t expect our children to behave all the time, or to read our minds or meet our needs. They’re little people learning how to be in the world and get their needs met. They’re not misbehaving to get on our nerves. Keeping that firmly in mind makes things so much easier.

Moms Talk Radio


Like Blogger for Chocolate #1

February 14, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Today’s the day for the Blogging For Chocolate Contest at Moms Talk Radio. It’s going to be a busy day for me ladies. So hold on to your feed reader, here goes!

* Show that inspired this post: Wahm Talk Radio Coffee with Kelly: “Examining and Improving Your Business in 2008

* 100 words: This episode was one of my favorite recent shows. Coffee with Kelly’s are always so enjoyable. Kelly is one of my favorite internet marketing coaches, for a couple of reasons:

  • She tells it like it is! I always know that I can trust Kelly to tell it straight up, even if that means she admits to changing her mind from time to time about certain things. I’ve seen her change her position on an issue a time or two, and she’s not afraid to let you know. That really builds trust. Kelly has a lot of integrity and I respect that. She’s kind, but she’s no shrinking violet.
  • Kelly is inspiring but not intimidating. It was Kelly that inspired me to launch Natural Moms Talk Radio! I honestly doubt that the idea would have ever come to me to start an internet talk radio show, but Kelly must have seen something in me that I didn’t recognize in myself, and I’m glad she did. As far as not being intimidating, I find Kelly easy to talk to, and that’s why I’ve hired her on a couple of occasions for some business coaching.

Anyway, back to this particular show. I decided at the end of 2007 that I was going to do the exact same thing Kelly talked about on that episode: spend time improving all of my online projects (products, content websites, ecourses and the podcast) rather than start anything new.

I got rid of a ton of stuff in ‘07 in my business. I sold websites, gave up a couple of projects that weren’t working, got clear on my focus and shaved off everything else.

If you’re a work at home Mom, are you thinking about how you can improve what you’ve already got going on? 

The lesson may take awhile to learn, but I’ve now gotten to the point where I can easily tell myself NO to new information products, ideas, joint ventures, domains, and other shiny objects that may not serve to truly further my goals. I don’t want to get distracted. Focus pays off both in peace of mind AND in bottom line income.

If you need some help in this area, check out Kelly’s The Power of a Focused Business.

* Link to Moms Talk Radio

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