Make Money Selling Hot Toys on eBay

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If you’re in need of some extra cash check out this eBay Toy Selling Guide

The author Jenni Hunt is an eBay auction expert. She created this guide just to teach moms how to make surprisingly good money just by selling the “hot” toys on eBay.

Just recently I was searching for something for my daughter’s room that happened to be an IKEA product. Incidentally, we have an IKEA store here locally but I was hoping to get a great deal.

Um… no.

The item was selling at far above retail price! The point in this is that many times people are willing to pay more for stuff they want on eBay if they can’t get it locally. In the case of IKEA merchandise, if there isn’t a store near you (there are only a few around the US and people cross state lines to shop at them!), you might be willing to pay more than the item sells at retail if it’s what you really want. Another thing about auctions is that a lot of people get caught up in the frenzy and fun of bidding. They also like the convenience of shopping from home.

Jenni has created this guide to help you discover what these “hot” items are - specifically toys that sell well this time of year, so you can leverage this concept to earn some quick, easy cash. She also shares how to get the best price for the item.

Think it would be cool to turn your kid’s castoffs or yard sale or thrift store finds into a nice side income?

Yeah, thought so!

Check it out here: eBay Toy Guide

No Spend Month, Week Two

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I started No Spent Month on August 4, so the first week went from the 4th to the 11th, and week two was from the 12th to the 18th.

I came in under budget the first week: No Spend Month, Week One so I guess it’s not too bad that I was over budget for last week. Oh, well.

I spent $10 at Ruby Tuesday when I went out with a good friend and her family. I had not seen them for a year and it was great to catch up. So this was totally worth it. I ordered salad and a water, and with tip it totaled $10.

Went to CVS because I HAD to have a pair of stockings. I didn’t have a coupon and there were no sales or anything, so I spent $4 on those. I am sure you could argue that I didn’t actually HAVE to have them, but since I wear stockings frequently to my place of worship, they’re kind of a necessity. I mean, I can go bare legged, but who wants to have to shave several times a week?

While I was there (big mistake - going into a store with the kids!) the Rug Rats talked me into buying $2 of candy.

Grand total, $16.

But to redeem myself, I got a $5.99 rebate check from a pack of pens I bought from Staples! Making the pens free but also putting that much back into my pocket making me right at budget. :)

This week I felt a bit more tempted to spend.

A copy of Blur’s Greatest Hits 2-CD lot on eBay caught my eye, as did several books.

But I was a good girl.

There will be plenty more people selling Blur CDs next month, (and in the meantime there is for free British boy bands) and I also got my book itch scratched with 4 free books from PaperbackSwap).


If you’re joining me, how’d you do?

Life is a Journey….

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I’ve been thinking a lot about life lately. This summer marks my husband’s 40th birthday, and 2 years ago he had a massive brain hemorrhage which he wasn’t supposed to survive, let alone recover completely from. As he approaches this Birthday, I’ve become very introspective. I’ve been looking back at my life and realizing some of the choices I’ve made that led me to where I am today…

I’ve seen the sunrise in Zimbabwe and the sun set in Hong Kong. I’ve worked as a Missionary, banquet server, retail store manager, artist, actress, teacher, writer, spokesperson, creator and company owner…. I’ve given birth in South Africa, New Jersey and my basement in Canada. I’ve slept in homeless shelters, in vehicles, hammocks and restaurant benches, and in 5 star hotels, mansions and guest houses. I’ve found friends and sincere kindness in places where the people are grateful for sturdy cardboard to build their homes, and found disdain and selfishness in homes where you are expected to change for dinner.

I’ve struggled 7 long years now with an illness that sometimes knocks me clear off my feet and leaves me, an ex-gymnast/dancer completely unable to walk or function for days on end, and I’ve also come to understand more about myself and my support network than I ever would have without it.

I have lived home to home, owning only what I could carry and understanding what it meant to need-to wish for-to long, and somehow without doing any of the things we are TOLD will create such provision, been graciously provided for. I have served and been humbled by those less fortunate, have seen my work touch and change lives, and have set out on journeys I have yet to see to their fulfillment.

I have be woken by the smell of jasmine in the wind, and magnolias outside my window. By the sound of children and the sound of gunfire. By a kiss from someone I love, and the perfect sound of peaceful solitary silence.

And along the way, I have shared many of these life lessons with women who are striving, seeking and longing. It has been a long time coming, but I am finally doing what I am here to do. Inspire, share, and create opportunities for women.

If you are a seeker-an artist-a co-creator feeling a little stuck, are a WAHM in need of guidance in your home based work, or if you are just wanting to add to the list of experiences you’ve had on your journey through life, please feel free to visit my not-yet-launched site and imagine what we could do together…. Where the Wild Ones Grow

Where will you “be” on your next Birthday?

I look forward to sharing in part of your journey!


A Year Ago on Natural Moms Talk Radio

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What was I blogging about in August of 2007?

Hmm, let’s see.


 Goodness! One might think I’m obsessed or something!

Blender Magazine May Photoshoot
Creative Commons License photo credit: Sieana♥s TokioHotel


Well, I did blog about some other things, like:


My Challenge: Spend Nothing August

August 3, 2008 | 10 Comments

I found another blog I enjoy and her recent challenge to spend nothing in July got me thinking.

Of course, unless you own a farm and don’t use fuel, it’s probably impossible to spend nothing… but the point is to spend as little as possible and really question all your spending for a time.

I’m going to do this in August.

I have an important goal for October, and this will help me get there a little more easily.

Creative Commons License photo credit: iChaz

I have set a goal of moving out October 1st.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been living in my parent’s home since December 2006. It’s been a blessing to be able to stay here for more than one reason, the least of which is being able to save money, build my business and meet some financial goals (like getting out of debt. Woohoo!).

But it’s time to move.

You know that old saying about leaving the party while you’re still amusing?

My parents say they like having us here and feel safer with us nearby, but they’re just being nice. They deserve to have more peace and quiet, their own routine and alone time (no matter what my mom’s comment says below. lol!)


So No Spend August will help me meet some goals. For one, I have my security deposit and first month’s rent set aside in savings, but I also want to have an emergency fund. My emergency fund got eaten up a couple of months ago when I dropped a grand on car repairs.

The awesome back to school sales going on right now will tempt me! And in fact I may take advantage of all the .01, .05 and .09 deals I’ve seen at the drug stores, office supply stores and etc.

I’ve set a budget for $10 a week.

Outside of food, petrol and bills (like business expenses), I can only spend $10 a week.

The kids don’t need any new clothes or shoes.
I don’t need any new clothes or shoes.
I don’t need any new household items until I move.
I can (gulp!) live without Starbucks for a month.
I can do free entertainment. Helloooo library books and DVDs!

The Art of Seduction
Creative Commons License photo credit: myuibe

Want to join me?

Blog The Recession - Help a Blogging Mama

August 2, 2008 | 9 Comments

Kristen Chase over at MotherHood Uncensored has written a post called Blog The Recession.

Kristen is a fellow Atlantan (giving her bonus points) and a mom blogger.

Remember that I interviewed her awhile back about the whole Facebook/YouTube breastfeeding debacle? (I do subtract some of those points because she doesn’t mention her appearance on my show on her media page. Hmmph!)

Anyway, Kristen I forgive you cause I’m cool like that.

So I read her post and thought this was a fantastic time to talk about:

Help A Blogging Mother Out Won’t You?

I would like to talk about how you can help out a blogging mom.

Moms blog for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s a way to keep our sanity. For others, writing is just a passion and a blog is less stressful than getting published (no barrier of entry. Feh.)

But just in case you don’t know, many of us moms who blog are also in it for the money. While some would criticize us for this choice… well, who cares? I don’t.

Some of us need to earn some extra dough to make the family budget work. Others just want to keep our Starbucks card filled.

Others, like me, have to feed our kids because our baby Daddy thinks court ordered child support is optional.

So we kinda rely on you guys, gentle readers, taking some action every once in awhile.

What kind of action am I referring to?

  • Click through your RSS reader and actually visit our blogs. For those of us who rely on certain forms of advertising, we need this clickage.
  • Take a product recommendation seriously. You know how we sometimes mention a book we’ve read and loved, or a homeschool widget that saves us time and makes our butt look smaller, or some other cool product? Click on the link and we might get paid a little tiny bit if you buy the thing.
  • Visit some of our site sponsors/advertisers. When advertisers see action coming from a place they’ve advertised, they stick around and renew their ad spots. Tell them we sent you.
  • Leave comments. Comments are like the crumbs that fall from your table that the dog laps up. We are ever so grateful!
  • Click around our archives and read stuff. You might find some gems in there and more reasons for advertisers to like us.
  • Advertise with us. If you have a business and want some more exposure, find a blog where your market hangs out and buy a text link or button or on air ad spot.
  • Buy our stuff. Many mom bloggers have also written fantastic ebooks. For instance, did you know I have a guide for natural moms who want to start an online business? Yep, sure do. Also have a salad and smoothie cookbook. Or un-cookbook, as the case may be. And other products you can learn about here.

You know what?

In reference to item #2, that is called affiliate marketing. When I need to buy something on, I go to my friend Tiffany Washko’s site and look for one of her Amazon affiliate links. Grocery shopping
Creative Commons License photo credit: ralphbijker

I click it, then place my order.

It doesn’t cost me an extra DIME.

But it gives Tiffany a little commission like she needs it, Queen of the Amazon. And she does the same thing for me. (Thanks Tiffany for buying that digital camera!)

Can you take an extra minute to do that for a work at home Mom you love?

Or what about seeking out and buying a product (an ebook, a cloth diaper, a cloth menstrual pad, a sling, whatever) from a work at home mom instead of some fat cat, CEO, cigar smoking man in a corner office?

There. I’ve said my piece. :-)

Savvy Saving Tips for Busy Moms

July 15, 2008 | Leave a Comment

If you’re like me, you’ve read a lot of books about finances, money, budgeting etc… and quite possibly didn’t benefit from them fully. Do a lot of books on personal finance seem difficult to implement for a “real world” woman? That’s how it always seemed to me. The ideas sounded great but they just didn’t fit my life or my financial situation.

About 3 years ago, I got Dar Arechederra’s Savvy Saving for Busy Women ebook and read it. I enjoyed it very much back then, and even wrote a recommendation for the book on my old blog. Like all the awesome ebooks I print out, I filed it away. Just recently when I was clearing out my office I came across this ebook again and pulled it out for a quick skim. I realized how fantastic the book is and wanted to talk about it to my new blog readers and friends.

Savvy Saving for Busy Women totally speaks on your level… from one busy mom trying to do the best thing for her money to another.

The ebook teaches you how to realistically save money even if you have debt, even if you think there’s no money left, even if the complicated budgeting tools you’ve studied elsewhere just didn’t cut it. Oh, and without feeling totally deprived or spending precious hours cutting coupons!

Some things I really enjoyed about the book:

  • How to identify your “fritter” expenses…and use them to jumpstart your savings plan.
  • How to have a built in positive rewards system so you can FEEL your budget working!
  • How to stay motivated for your savings plan
  • Creative ways to “find” money that’s there and use it to full advantage

In short I found this book to be extremely helpful and saw easy tips that I can immediately put to work. It also comes with a lifebook journal to make implementing your plan easier.

Check out Savvy Saving for Busy Women

Are You Reading These Reviews?

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Do you ever read the reviews on the Natural Mom Product Reviews site?

We’ve gotten some really great reviews lately. Thanks to those of you who submitted well written reviews! (And the Paypal cash was nice, no?) ;)

It helps to get someone else’s opinion before you spend your hard earned money on stuff. Go read some of these:

If you’re a mom in business you can send your products to me and I will review them personally. Contact me at carrie at naturalmomstalkradio dot com if you’re interested.

Cold Hard Cash for Natural Kid Product Reviews

March 20, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Happy first day of Spring :)

I have a favor to ask you. Would you be willing to write a review of one of your favorite (or not favorite!) natural kid products in exchange for $5 cash in your Paypal account?

Go here: Submit natural product reviews501498_money_stack.jpg

I’ve paid out dozens of moms for their honest thoughts on all kinds of products including:

* Homeschool supplies
* Natural health products
* Toys
* Cookbooks
* Skin care and baby care

and a lot more. Right now I’m really looking for reviews for products for your kids. All you have to do is fill out the form here: submit natural product reviews for cash

Do take a moment to read the terms. I’m not looking for you to write a thesis or anything, but many of the reviews are rejected because they were either copied from another website
(not nice!) or way too short.

Thanks so much!

FF: When Frugal Isn’t Best

February 29, 2008 | 5 Comments

Chele from Moms Love Shopping asked me to come back on her show to talk about what I see as a negative side of the CVS shopping “system”. As I said on the show, it was with much caution that I wrote about this. If you haven’t read it yet, go read my post on CVS and the natural mom.

One of the points that I made on the show is that we vote with our dollars. We make a statement with our purchases. And our non purchases. When we buy lots of single use products that pollute our environment and our bodies, we’re telling manufacturers to create more of these cheap disposable goods with unhealthy ingredients. We’re telling them that cost is the most important consideration for us. (When it should only be one consideration.)

We’re also getting caught up in the culture of spending, the culture of consumption. That’s a bad habit that leads to more of the same.

On the other hand, when we buy quality products that are built to last, that are reusable and not wrapped in multiple layers of plastic, we are also sending a message. To both the marketers of these products and our children.

There are better ways to be frugal in my opinion. We can make our own natural skin care products, we can use cloth menstrual pads or other alternatives. We can use cloth diapers. We can clean with natural home cleaning products that we make ourselves. And there are a million other ways to save money.

We can also buy products that last. For example, buying toys from family owned companies like Heirloom Wooden Toys so that our kids can pass these along to their own children.

Some other great related blog posts about when frugal isn’t best:

Get Rich Slowly: Shopping leads to more shopping
Being Frugal: When buying on sale isn’t frugal

So what do you think? When is the frugal choice not the best choice?

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