CBC: The Juggler wants to know: “How do you juggle?”

November 8, 2007

Alyssa aka The Juggler, told me how her love of writing began, which led to the launch of her ghostwriting business. Then she asked me:

“How do you juggle a business and 4 kids?”

Alyssa I’m going to cheat here! Nell asked me the same question for our cross blog conversation last week, so instead of saying the same things, I’ll point you to this post: How do you do it all?

In a nutshell, I said that I have a vision for myself and my family life – almost like a mission statement. I decided what my most important priorities are and make sure those things happen. Then I let the rest go.

Another thing – when I launched my first website, (you can see it here, I sold it some time ago) I had three children. Two preschoolers and a baby. So I have had to come to grips with the fact that my business was going to grow more slowly than other women, who started with fewer (or no) kids. The hardest part of that was my being ok with it. In other words, developing patience and “sticktoitiveness”. :)

I’ve had to develop a little humility too, because I came into my business with no real business education. What I did have going for me was the willingness to work. As they say, persistence beats all!

This slower growth over the last (nearly) 4 years has been a good thing for me, because my business hasn’t gotten too big or too successful too fast for me to handle it. I’ve slowly learned how to outsource and focus on my strong points, and I’ve had to refocus a bit here and there, but it’s been a comfortable ride.

So here is my question for you: How has having children changed your life? Is motherhood different than what you imagined?


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