Clothespin Mom Hacks

Ah, the humble clothespin.

I actually don’t use them to hang laundry on the line. But around my home the clothespin has some creative uses that save me money and sanity.

I offer:

The Clothespin Babyproof Blinds Hack

I saw no reason to spend $10 at Target on those huge plastic windy things that baby would figure out how to open anyway, when a clothespin does the trick quite nicely.

The “Whose Glass Is This, Is It Clean or Dirty, Do I Put It In The Dishwasher or Let It Sit Here On The Counter/Table?” Hack

Those of you with several kids know this one. By 10 am, there are eleventythousand cups around the house and nobody seems to know who they belong to, causing you to run the dishwasher 7 times a day, all glasses. Because they have to get a NEW glass for each SIP of liquidy beverage.

Or, you can Sharpie a clothespin with everyone’s name on it. They clip it to their glass, identifying it to you and everyone else.

I recommend removing the clothespin before taking a sip. Noone likes having a rafter in their eye.

The “Keep The Hand Towel On The Towel Bar” Hack

Everyone knows that husbands and children are incapable of noticing when the hand towel drops to the floor after they dry their hands.

The clothespin keeps it where it’s supposed to be and momma is happy.

Do you have some great clothespin hacks? Share below!



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2 Responses to Clothespin Mom Hacks

  1. Emily says:

    What a fun post! Love the comment about husbands and kids not noticing towels falling off. My problems is that Benjamin would see the clothespin, assume it was a toy (b/c of course, everything within his reach must be!), and take it off.

    Wish I’d thought of the clipping up the blinds strings when B was younger. Oh, well.

    Other than for hanging up clothes, I tend to use clothespins in the garden to clip up floating row covers and the like.

  2. We do the clothespins on the cups trick too! The days that we don’t, it is insane the amount of glasses we can go through! Love the towel rack one. Must implement immediately!

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