A Few Guidelines Before Using This Contact Form:

As much as I love hearing from my readers, listeners, and cool companies, I am a busy mom. If you read the about Carrie page, you know that I’m a divorced single mom of 4 and that I homeschool my children, as well as running an online business.

Please do not ask for a link exchange.

I don’t do link exchanges. If you write well and would like a juicy one way link to your site (which is far better anyway), I do accept guest posts, so go ahead and email me your article and please make sure it’s on topic. Or, consider purchasing advertising.

If you want me to review your product

While I do review products that I choose to inform my readers about, I do not do free product reviews when contacted by marketing and PR firms.

If you are willing to pay me a fair rate for my time and for the exposure to my readers, contact me using the form below and we can work something out. I only review products that would be of interest and value to my target market so please know what that is before you contact me. Irrelevant offers will be deleted.

If I try your product and do not like it, I will let you know and offer constructive feedback.

Free stuff does not put food in my children’s mouths. With all due respect, this is my BUSINESS, this is how I support my family, and you would not walk into Starbucks and expect them to pimp out your product for free. Please do not be offensive and expect me to do so. Even deleting your email is a waste of my time. Wanting something for nothing – especially from a busy mom of 4 – is unprofessional and just plain RUDE.

Here’s that advertising page again!

If you want me to host a giveaway

We can do that. I require one product for myself to review first, and that you ship directly to the winner of the giveaway. You have my blessing to use this contact form.

If you want to pick my brain

(…about marketing to natural moms, blogging or working from home)

You have several options. You can hire me as a consultant. You can purchase my Natural Mom Business Guide, or you can keep reading here or at my business blog.

If you send me a question, I may publish it on my blog and answer it for the benefit of you as well as all of my readers. Let me know if you want to be anonymous. :)

Now here’s the form!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I’m just wondering if you are part of on unschooling group in the nothern part of tas, i’m looking for like minded parents up this way,

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