November 18, 2009

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My guest this week is Dr. Arculeo of Peak Performance Health Care

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Detox is a buzz word but the concept is certainly not new, and there are many approaches to detoxification that are appropriate for everyone.

How do you know you need to detox?

A few signs of the body not eliminating waste properly: dandruff, psoriasis, acne, dry skin, ezcema, fatigue, headaches, poor digestion, constipation.

This interview will explain what a “nutritional cleanse” is and tell you which foods produce congestion in the body. You will also learn:

  • Why detoxification is necessary and beneficial
  • Signs your body needs to detoxify
  • Who should not go on a cleanse
  • How to find a health care practitioner who can guide you through a cleanse

More info on this site about detoxification:

The Detox Bath

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One Response to “Detoxification”

  1. Casual Friday Every Day on November 18th, 2009 11:36 am

    Oh this will be very interesting to me. I’m reading about cleanses and detox juicing to go along with my Candida diet.


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