Earth Day Activities With the Kids

Kids love to get involved with what their parents are doing. If you’re interested in the earth, your kids will be too. One way to get them excited is to involve them in some activities that will help them see the impact we humans have on the planet – both for good and for bad. Here are a couple of ideas for Earth Day activities you can enjoy with the kids.

Botanical Gardens

Why not spend the day at the botanical gardens in your area? If possible, take public transportation to the gardens. And bring your own lunch and water in a reusable container.

Not only are the plants beautiful, but your family can learn about how we benefit from the plants and how we need them to survive. Talk to your kids about how plants provide food, medicines and oxygen. They also provide ground cover that helps prevent erosion and flooding. Your local botanical gardens probably offer free tours or educational information for kids. Take advantage of it.

After visiting the gardens, it might be fun to plant your own garden at home – at the very least a tomato plant or some kitchen herbs. Research the plants that will be the best for your climate. It will be a great family activity that will last beyond Earth Day and will be a reminder to help care for the planet as you care for your own garden.

Visit a Local Farm or U Pick

You can find a local farm that offers tours or where you can pick your own produce at LocalHarvest .

We’re very disconnected from our food these days. It’s a great lesson for kids to learn that food comes from the ground, and that someone – actually a lot of someones!- has to work very hard to get it to our table.

My kids love to see the cows peacefully grazing and eating lush green grass at the farm where we get our milk.

It always leads to a conversation about the importance of what these people are doing – providing a healthy source of food for us, their neighbors. I’m quick to point out how thankful I am that there are people so dedicated to organic, sustainable farming because that means we get healthy and delicious milk!

You can also keep it low key. Today I’m going to snuggle up with the kids and read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss . Even my 5 year old understood the meaning of this book. She kept asking why the Once-ler kept cutting down trees.

Another good choice for older kids would be The Secret Garden . I love the message that when the garden healed, Mary and Colin also healed. It’s a powerful metaphor. Spending time in nature is best for us human types. We don’t do well if we don’t get our hands dirty and enjoy the sun on our backs from time to time.

You could also watch The Story of Stuff together with your kids and talk about what it means for your family, and changes you can all make together to create less waste. Make it fun! Hold a contest in your family to see who can be the fastest to turn off lights and water and unplug appliances when they’re not in use.

Let us know what activities you have planned with your kids for Earth Day – and every day.

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