Earth Day Book Reviews

Here are a couple of books I’ve read lately that are just perfect for this week. If you want to brush up on your natural housekeeping, check these out. Organic Housekeeping

Organic Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck

When I first saw this book, I thought: "What’s there to fill up 425 pages with? It’s not that complicated explaining how to clean with vinegar."

But then I got the book and I was floored. This is no ordinary non toxic cleaning info. Ellen Sandbeck is like the Martha Stewart of Green. She’s the Heloise of the Eco friendly crowd. Only with a better sense of humor. This book is deep. And it’s one that will stay on my shelves as a reference for many years.

I learned a lot of money saving tips from this book too. For example, did you know that you can make your own automatic dishwashing detergent by mixing equal parts Borax and Washing Soda? That one tip will save me about $5 a month.

The book offers detailed recycling info to make the process easier for you. And it covers everything from basic non-toxic cleaning to more detailed information on every room of the house – inside and out. There are tips on decorating to minimize cleaning and environmental impact, decluttering the eco friendly way, automotive care, lawn care, dealing with pests, and a ton more.

Check out: Organic Housekeeping: In Which the Non-Toxic Avenger Shows You How to Improve Your Health and That of Your Family, While You Save Time, Money, and, Perhaps, Your Sanity

Homemade by Reader’s Digest homemade - how to make hundreds of products at home

Here’s another wonderful reference guide to making everything you can imagine, homemade. The advantage of making your own, from an environmental standpoint, is that you eliminate a lot of wasteful packaging.

There are recipes for everything from homemade skin care and tooth care products to condiments (often some of the most expensive items in the store, ounce for ounce) and salad dressings. There are cleaning product recipes, pet supplies, gardening stuff, and home remedies.

Check out: Homemade: How-to Make Hundreds of Everyday Products Fast, Fresh, and More Naturally

And finally I’ll link to two more. The first is a short little number that is a fast easy read but really makes you think about simple everyday choices:

Seven Wonders – Everyday things for a healthier planet book review

And the last is all about having a green baby:

Raising Baby Green Book review

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2 Responses to Earth Day Book Reviews

  1. Diana says:

    It’s not a book but I highly recommend an iPhone app full with eco-friendly and _cheap_ cleaning and housekeeping tips: Green Shine. I use it on a daily basis especially when I clean my kitchen and bathroom.

  2. carrie says:

    Thanks for sharing Diana :)

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