EcoWednesday – Reuse Magazines

April 9, 2008

eco wednesday tip reuse magazinesI don’t have any magazine subscriptions at the moment (oh wait, I forgot, the dreaded Parents magazine!) and very rarely buy magazines, but I admit I feel a bit guilty because I haven’t been recycling the magazines that do come into my home. The only thing I do is cut out cool pictures and add them to my idea journal (which is kind of like a dream board, only in a journal instead).

No more. GreenDaily posted some cool tips about reusing magazines that I can totally do. In fact it reminded me of something.

I had a friend who lived across the state who used to write to me. Once she wrote me a letter on the page of a magazine in black ultra fine point Sharpie. It just so happened that the page was almost entirely a pale beige and the model on it was also dressed in a pale color, so the writing was completely legible. It was cool as crap! She was an out of the box kind of thinker for sure.

I noticed that my local library has a magazine sharing box in the foyer. People just drop in their old magazines and others can grab them if they want. So that’s what I plan on doing with mine.

I’m not the crafty type, but the jewelry idea would be fun for someone who is. I could teach my kids how to make envelopes out of the pages too.

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  1. Naturemom on April 12th, 2008 6:37 pm

    Just ran across this:

    and thought of your post about the magazines.

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