Fun With Stats

February 17, 2008

Time for crazy stat fun! Here are some of the funny and strange phrases people entered into search engines to find little ole me.

  • normal 3 year old behavior (to sum up: energetic, sassy, adorable, needs help wiping)
  • nourishing traditions menu mailer (ooh, that is a great idea!)
  • bedtime spanking :(
  • nude swedish women (that dude was sorely disappointed no doubt!)
  • women are weak (no they’re not)
  • the flying biscuit (one of my favorite local restaurants)
  • family cloth (yes folks, I have crossed the Rubicon)
  • bysty moms natural (this dude can’t even spell!)
  • upskirt pilar montenegro (what?)
  • mom and sleeping meds (try exercise, early morning sunlight and journaling first)
  • modeling for ten year olds (uh… don’t.)
  • eco friendly baby shower invitations (email, recycled/recyclable paper, a phone call, evites)
  • potty train in the nude (seems a lot more effective than potty training with pants on. lol!)
  • free pilates (why, is he incarcerated?)
  • when ok to breastfeed after vicodin use (consult Medications and Mothers Milk on this one)
  • several more swedish moms keywords – wassup widdat?
  • ingredients in grape bubblicious gum

Ok it’s clear from looking at many of my keywords which will remain unmentioned that I must talk about breastfeeding. A LOT. LOL!


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