Guest Blogger Marcie Macari Introducing Myself:)

Marcie Macari

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick note to introduce myself! My name is Marcie Macari, and I’m the author of: “She Births: A Modern Woman’s Guidebook For an Ancient Rite of Passage“, which is a book/journal about Birth as an opportunity for transformation for the woman, her life, the generations that follow, and the world. I’m also the Owner/Creator of: Bloomin’ Belly Soaps , which creates body-positive, healthy products for expectant women and those who serve them. (Yes, my soaps have nipples!)

I’ll be sharing my opinion and insights here with you on this wonderful Blog, around the topic of Empowerment through Birth, the intangible aspects of Birth, Birth Rights, (and RITES!) why Natural Birth is so important to changing our world and more! (Thank you Carrie, for the invitation!)

I’ll look forward to “meeting” each of you soon.

I’m also always happy to answer reader questions on the Blog, (anomymously of course!), so if there’s something in particular you’d like to read/learn about, please feel free to send them to:

With Joy,

Marcie Macari

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One Response to Guest Blogger Marcie Macari Introducing Myself:)

  1. carrie says:

    Marcie you were one of my favorite interviewees on the show so I’m thrilled you’re going to be here sharing your wisdom around birthing mamas!

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