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Everyone loves getting gifts that come from the heart.  What shows this better than gifts made by hand?  While this may make some people panic at the thought of trying to make something arts and crafts, it really isn’t that hard to make a nice gift for someone.

An excellent gift for a new bride in the family would be a cookbook of all the family favorites.  Add some stories and maybe old photos of family gatherings to go along with the recipes.  Put together some dry mixes of some of the recipes to get her started.  Wrap it in a nice apron, maybe even one that belonged to a relative.

For kids, a great gift that can be added to is a Dress Up Kit. Get an old suitcase or two and fill it with old clothes that you don’t wear anymore.  Include hats and shoes. Now and then, add more items to the box. Ask other relatives to contribute to it as well. If you have pictures of family members wearing the clothes, print them out and decoupage them on the outside of the suitcase and then coat with a clear finish.

Do you have a flower garden during the year? Save the petals, dry them and make your own potpourri.  You could buy cinnamon sticks to add another scent and texture.  Put it in small containers or mesh bags.

Everyone likes to snuggle up with a soft blanket on a cold evening.  You can make a blanket and never sew or crochet a stitch.  Purchase a piece of fleece the size that you want your blanket (the clerks at the store can help you figure out the right amount).  Simply cut fringe in about two inches from all the edges about an inch apart. You can either let the fringes hang loose, or tie knots to make a pattern around.

Homemade cookies, fresh from the oven, are a great treat.  A lot of people just don’t have the time to make them.  You can make a frozen cookie kit.  Mix up a batch of their favorite cookies. Roll them out into balls and flatten them slightly.  Flash freeze them by putting them on wax paper on a cookie sheet until they are solid.  Remove them from the sheets and place them in a freezer bag.  Bake for two to three minutes more than the normal time or until golden brown.  They can be baked in small batches, even in the toaster over, or all at the same time.

Another nice handmade gift could be writing a poem for a family member.  Poems don’t even have to rhyme.  Print it out in a nice font or in calligraphy if you know how, and put it in a nice frame.  It’s a gift someone will treasure for years to come.  You can have kids help write one for different family members. An easy poem type project is to take someone’s first name, write it along the left margin and then think of a word associated with that person for each letter. For example, Sue could be Sweet, Upbeat and Energetic or Bob could be Brave, Outgoing and Baseball.

No matter what your homemade gift, be sure to include lots of love in the making and it will sure to be a hit with it’s recipient.

Instead of spending a boatload of money this season, why not give a little bit of your time with a handmade gift? Here are some ideas. 

Handmade Gifts for Foodies:

Homemade Spicy Relish Recipe
Homemade Salsa Recipe
Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipe
Homemade Chow Chow (ooh my Grandma makes a mean chow chow! So yummy with pinto beans and a big ole Vidalia onion)
Homemade Duck Sauce Recipe (so you can ditch those little disposable packets at the local Chinese take out)

Put these in a (recycled) glass food jar, tie a pretty bow around it, and you’ve got an inexpensive gift with a little touch of personalized, homemade love. :-)

Handmade Gifts for Ladies:

All natural body care

Salt scrub recipes

Baby skin care recipes


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  4. I just posted on my blog last week. I’m making the fleece blankets this year for everyone in my family. We are on a very very tight budget this year and I think handmade items leaves a more meaningful thought as well.

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