Homemaker’s Done List

Remember my Homemaker’s To Do List from yesterday?

I’m pretty stoked that I actually got most of that stuff done and a whole lot more since. I was feeling a little overwhelmed, but today we’re having gorgeous, sunny 60 degree weather. The doors are open, and I’m doing a little spring cleaning.

Here’s the damage.

  • Start the beef broth in the slow cooker. Kopje Koffie 2
  • Start new batch of kefir.
  • Make new batch of kombucha. – Almost done. Brewed the tea, put it in the glass jar, but don’t have any white sugar. Will grab some from the store.I’ve tried making it with Sucanat before and it got moldy – my sister Lisa aka MsFit, is the Kombucha Queen, and she said the same thing happened to her. So I’m not taking a chance this time of killing my scoby!
  • Do Wahm Wednesday post for Natural Moms Talk Radio blog.
  • Send out “No Fluffmarketing newsletter for work at home Moms.
  • Write guest posts for Schmoozins.
  • Sweep kitchen floor (outsourced to kitchen staff)
  • Wash breakfast dishes (outsourced to kitchen staff)
  • Oversee Math and Social Studies with the boys
  • Call the Larabar people about a refund on that huge box of Peanut Butter Larabars I just bought from Whole Foods that have been recalled.
  • Fold 3 loads of laundry currently hanging on drying racks
  • Wash my bed sheets
  • Pray they dry before bed
  • Or drop them off at the laundromat dryer on the way to gym and pray they are there when I come back to pick them up
  • Write and send 3 thank you cards. Almost done. Wrote one, now just have to go to post office for stamps. But not leaving house just for said stamps, so must wait.
  • Go to gym for Butt & Gut at 5:00
  • Have celebratory brownie in bed Can I hear an Amen?

Since it’s so nice today, it’s been all about cleaning and cooking. Here is my “done” list.


  • Hung out load of laundry outside for a change!
  • Put beef stock made yesterday into glass jars to freeze
  • Shook the kefir a little
  • Started beef stew in slow cooker
  • Washed two loads of laundry, folded two loads of laundry
  • Cleaned behind sofa
  • Straightened bedroom and living room
  • Did read aloud with boys
  • Checked math work
  • Did history and Bible study with boys
  • Prepared oats for overnight baked oatmeal
  • Made new batch of homemade laundry detergent
  • Blogged about my 3 year old
  • Solved Trojan hack on one of my blogs, with the help of the fantastic Scott at MomWebs hosting, which rocks, and to whom I probably owe my firstborn child for all the times he’s saved my sites.
  • Vacuumed kitchen and living room
  • Re-organized homeschool supplies
  • Organized kitchen pantry
  • Unpacked books and wiped clean, placed on bookshelves
  • Scrubbed crayon unsuccessfully from coffee table
  • Cleaned wooden shelves in kitchen
  • Moved a piece of furniture and reorganized desk
  • Did all the usual things like make breakfast and lunch, wash dishes, sidewalk chalk with Sadie, etc.
  • Twittered. And Twittered some more.

Now, before you go thinking I’m this Caroline Ingalls-y everyday, I’m not. The busy homemaker urge strikes occasionally. And one must strike while the iron is hot, no?


And it’s only 4 o’clock yet!

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