Homeschool Spanish, Day One

After a friend urged me to use Rosetta Stone for our home school Spanish, I went ahead and ordered the program.

Today was our first day using it, and everyone loved it!

I found the program quite easy to use and intuitive, and each of the kids scored high on their very first lesson.

My oldest did a second lesson on his own, and my 8 year old daughter seemed especially taken with it.

She worked for about 2 hours on her Spanish lessons.

And this afternoon she rattled off various phrases she had learned. She especially took great joy in calling her brother “la nina” … and laughing hysterically about it. (Because when you’re a 12/13 year old boy, the worst insult is to be called a GIRL!)

The program is easy enough to use that I believe even my youngest school aged kid, Sadie (5) could use it. She will probably progress more slowly through the program, but learning will likely be easier for her due to her age.

I’m pretty proud of myself.

I got 99% on my first lesson, and 100% on most of the subsequent ones. :-)

For us, this won’t just be a home school curriculum thing.

It’s my goal to become fluent in Spanish. So I’ll probably be working on this for years!

And I want the children to be comfortably conversational.

One of my reasons for having a big, sexy goal like learning a new language is due to my Happiness Project.

I realize that I’ve been a bit stagnant for awhile. There really wasn’t any big, life-changing goal that I was tackling. And happiness isn’t about being “comfortable” all the time. There is a nice balance between being stressed and being relaxed. It’s called being challenged. And that’s where the most happiness is found.

Learning a new language will open me up to new experiences, new ways of communicating and becoming closer to people I already know who speak Spanish, and change my thinking in ways I won’t be able to anticipate. Exciting!





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One Response to Homeschool Spanish, Day One

  1. Gaby says:

    Yay! If you want to practice, i’d be happy to help you! I’m mexican so I’m thinking even our kids could be pen pals! I have a 15yo, a 10yo and a 4yo, all girls.

    Nos encantaria :D

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