Natural Moms Podcast #110

January 5, 2009

homeschooling expert michelle baroneMichelle Barone is a licensed marriage and family therapist who counsels families to assist them in finding their way in homeschooling their children.

Her book is called “Finding Your Way – Exploring Your Family’s Educational Journey”

Making the decision to homeschool is a big one and parents may be overwhelmed by the options.

This book contains exercises that helps parents figure out their feelings and expectations about education. It is a workbook of discussion topics and thought provoking exercises and also lists many resources for more information. The book encourages parents to dig deep into their memories, experiences, thoughts and feelings about family and education in order to find a way of homeschooling that works for them.

It also takes parents into their family of origin and how those feelings around education can affect homeschooling, especially when challenges come up.

It’s common for parents to have fears around homeschooling. Michelle finds that parents are worried about things that may or may not happen in the future, which is not particularly helpful. She suggests taking it one year (or one month) at a time and think about what’s going to be most helpful for right now.

Michelle says that thinking about your personality style and your child’s learning style and designing homeschooling around that is one way to have success with homeschooling. An effective method to alleviate fear is to have more information. Michelle offers phone consultations to assist families.

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