How To Go Green In A Toxic Environment

Unfortunately our environment is not a very healthy one and we must take action to stay healthy. One way is to go green. Now what does that mean exactly? Going green actually means making a conscious effort to better the environment. It can be as simple as recycling and that is a great place to start. There are also many other things you can do to ensure you are doing your part to better the environment and why not begin in your own home.

Below you will find some helpful hints to turn your home into a ‘green home’. You do not have to do everything on this list and this is by now means a complete list either. Many ways are being discovered daily and as long as we make an effort we can feel good about helping our environment as a whole.

Some helpful hints:

Start a vegetable and/or fruit garden – Not only will you be eating healthier but you will also be saving gas from the many trips to the grocery store. You can experiment with different herbs, vegetables and fruits and have a great amount to last all year round. If a vegetable or fruit garden in impossible for you, supporting your local farmers and growers is another way to help.

Clean green – this is a perfect way to save money and avoid the toxic cleaners that we all seem to purchase. You will save money by making your own cleaners using vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and essential oils. You will also feel better knowing you will have a shiny, clean home without using expensive toxic cleaners.

Recycle – this is something that everyone knows about but not many actually do. It is as simple as recycling newspaper, and aluminum and plastic products. A perfect way to recycle is to re-use the plastic bags you get at the grocery store. Take the used bags back with you and re-use or use as garbage bags. A better idea is to bring cloth bags to avoid the accumulation of plastic bags from grocery stores.

Use ‘real dishes and utensils’- save the plastic or paper ones for picnics or outings.

Start your own compost- this will avoid garbage from accumulating and will be perfect for your gardening needs. Compost units vary in size; you can make them as big or as small as you like to meet your needs.

Use a water purifier – instead of using bottled water invest in a water purifier

Avoid fast food – planning your meals will actually save you money and keep you and your family healthier along with preserving the environment.

It may seem difficult to turn your world into a green one, but starting out small will make it a much easier transition. You will be healthier, and actually save money by going green.

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Elizabeth Ashe

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  1. carrie says:

    Great tips Elizabeth, thanks for sharing those!

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