How to Train Your Kids to Keep a Clean Room

December 11, 2009

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Note from Carrie:

I appreciate this guest post from Marie Ynami. Especially the point about telling a child exactly what a “clean room” means to you. When I created a simple checklist on an index card for my 8 year old, it made things much easier for him. I think most kids want their room to be tidy, but they become overwhelmed in the process. That’s easy enough to understand – we adults do the same thing!

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If you are a parent, I’m sure you’ve heard your kids whine and complain when you ask them to clean up their room. The constant question is ” … but WHY, Mom? It looks fine!” Here are some answers that you can give them, the next time they ask why they have to clean up their room.

* It teaches them to be responsible. Knowing that they need to keep their room clean and tidy will instill some kind of responsibility in them. It will also help them appreciate and take care of the things they already own.

* It helps them to be prepared for the future. Admit it, they won’t live with you forever. Sometime in the future, they will have to move out and live on their own – they need to know how to do that and you are merely training them for this.

* Being a part of a family means that everyone needs to help out around the house – not only by keeping it clean and tidy but also with the other responsibilities like preparing meals, taking care of pets and other chores. Mainly though, they are responsible for keeping their personal space clean.

* When kids have a clean room with everything in a place of its own, they refrain from stepping on toys and breaking them. Not only will this keep their toys in good condition so they can be passed along in the future but it also avoids any situation where kids can hurt themselves.

* When you keep a room clean and organized, it is easier to find things that you need. If the room is messy and cluttered, they will have a hard time finding the toys they love to play with or homework and projects that need to be turned into school.

No one is born knowing how to clean; someone has to teach them. That’s one of the responsibilities of being a parent. We are the ones that will teach them well or not so well. What we teach them will carry through their entire lives.

An easy way to teach them is by having them help you when you clean. Start early to train your children to help with cleaning. This way, you will be less likely to have a problem when they get older. Of course, some children are messier than others, just be patient – just because they are messy doesn’t mean that they have to live in a pigsty.

Be certain that your children understand your definition of “clean”. For some, clean is a perfect room with nothing out of place. Some people see clean as not having to walk all over things on the floor. You decide how clean you want their room to be and ensure they understand what that is.

Sometimes, it is helpful to write a list of what you would like your child to do while they clean their room, for example:

- Put the clothes in the clothes hamper, hang them up, or put them in the dresser.
- Pick up the toys.
- Place books on the bookshelves.

Help your child figure out which of their items they can get rid of.

Ultimately, this is why its so important for children to clean their own rooms. They are learning how to prepare for the future, taking care of the things they have, and they are helping to maintain the home.

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Marie Ynami loves to blog about topics that interest moms. You can find more of her blog posts at Mommy Community .

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