I Think I Miss My Dryer

I haven’t had a dryer for a few months now. It’s been ok. But I think I’m beginning to miss it.

You see, when I moved into my new place, it had washer but no dryer hookups. That was ok because I had gotten into the habit of hanging almost all the laundry anyway.

But that was on an outdoor clothesline. The clothes dry in a matter of hours when they’re outside. Inside, it takes longer. Sometimes the jeans are still quite damp if hung overnight.

I use two indoor drying racks I got from IKEA. I love them, but sometimes I get a little tired of always having one open in the middle of the kitchen. As a decorating “piece”, it leaves something to be desired.

When the weather is nice, I put the racks on the side porch. This way the laundry dries much more quickly. But with the recent rain and stuff, I can’t hang anything outside. I would often come home from an errand to find laundry blown over the yard. I had to rewash it at that point.

Since everyone was sick last week with the vomiting thing, I had extra laundry, so there are 4 loads on indoor drying racks, over the backs of chairs and other spots.

There’s the laundry saga. When spring comes it won’t such be an issue. Another problem though, is the fact that some of my clothing is far too linty. The dryer removes a lot of that.

Even if I got a dryer, I wouldn’t use it very often, just when the laundry got overwhelming or it was raining. I also have to find some way to safely venting it indoors. I saw a device that mounts on the wall that vents the dryer into a small bowl of water that you empty out. This keeps the lint from flying around the house.

Is there a tiny little dryer that you can use for just a few items at a time? Is there such a thing? That would be cool.

Any tips from you devoted line dryers for making indoor drying a little easier?

Creative Commons License photo credit: stacy michelle

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4 Responses to I Think I Miss My Dryer

  1. Weaver says:

    I totally disagree with you.Don’t use artificial things…delete those bad habits and try to go natural things as it will not harm you that for sure.

  2. carrie says:

    umm, what artificial thing am I using?

  3. Amanda says:

    In winter I turn my dryer vent hose inside, plug up the hole, and put one leg of a pantyhose over the end of the vent hose so that it lays along the floor alongside the dryer- this way it doesn’t get clogged with lint as fast as if it was tightened flat against the end of the hose-more surface area to collect the lint. I take it off and scrape it out and throw it into a load to wash every so often. But be prepared- this does moisten up your house! I have wondered about a mold problem becasue of this….

    This will be my first year with a clothesline- I’m so excited! I grew up with one, but haven’t had one of my own yet- 10 years of dryer only!

  4. Mary Q Contrarie says:

    I use a laundry drying rack year round. What I found is not a problem with the air drying as much as a problem with our old washer did not spin the clothes out well enough. There are a few clothes spinners out there that make using a laundry drying rack very practicle year round. You will not have to worry about venting it and I will not take near the energy or space as a big old dryer.

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