Life Without a Dryer: Large Family Version

Our dryer went tango uniform the other week.

It belongs to our landlord, who, per the terms of our lease, is supposed to fix it.

He has been curiously silent despite our attempts to contact him.

Oh, well. I told dh not to bother. According to my calculations, it probably costs us around $50 a month to operate.

I’ve lived without a dryer before.

A couple of years ago, when I was a single mom of 4, I sold my dryer. Back then I only washed one load of laundry a day. My drying rack fit nicely in my kitchen (during rain) or on the fire escape (when it was sunny). It wasn’t bad at all, at least until we all got that stomach flu thing.

Now, I do laundry for 8 people.

Actually let me rephrase.

My 12 year old son does laundry for 8 people.


Laundry duty is his chore, by choice. His reason? He likes being able to escape to the basement several times a day for a little silence. Noone follows him down there, because if they do, he’ll make them HELP.

I searched trusty Craiglist for a drying rack that was large enough for our family.

I found this one, a little number from IKEA.

I’m $10 poorer, but it fits TWO WHOLE LOADS of laundry on it.


(It’s not even close to capacity in this pic.)

So far oldest hasn’t complained too badly.

Laundry takes him a little more time, but that means even more quiet/alone/no pesky sibs time for him each day.



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