Make Cloth Diapering Your Toddler Easier

Let’s face it.

Cloth diapering can lose a wee bit of its charm once your baby becomes a toddler.

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My sweet little one poops several times a day, and I’m no fan of toilet dunking. I’m also not a fan of tiny bits of poo clinging to the inside of my washing machine.

When your baby is just breastfeeding, the poop is easily handled with the machine. There also isn’t an odor issue. But that changes once baby is eating a large variety of solids.

I do have a handy spray, which I love, that could be used to rinse off diapers, but I prefer to employ it for other uses. Besides, I would still have to wring out the super soaked diaper before placing it in the pail, which almost defeats the purpose.

There is a way to make cloth diapering your toddler a little easier, at minimal expense, while still enjoying all the benefits of cloth.

Enter the diaper liner.

These are inexpensive, disposable/reusable tissue-like things that you place on top of the diaper, next to baby’s skin.

I say disposable/reusable because if the diaper is wet when you remove it, you can just throw the whole apparatus (diaper, liner and all) into the diaper pail. The liners are tough enough to go through the wash.

But if the diaper is poopy (and here’s the beautiful part), you can easily remove the liner, with poop still attached, throw it into your toilet, and flush it away.

  • Liners keep your cloth diapers cleaner.
  • There’s less mess, less stain, less re-washing and re-rinsing when the poo doesn’t *quite* get cleaned off.
  • The diapers smell better.
  • You’ll get more for your diapers when it comes time to resell them once baby’s potty trained.
  • They’re still soft on the skin, eco-friendly, and non-toxic.

I use ImseVimse, but there are several other brands of diaper liners available. Most of them are perforated so you can easily tear them off a roll. And they’re cheap! Especially since you’ll be reusing most of them.

Dealing with poop is enough to turn many parents off of cloth diapering entirely. Diaper liners are a way of dealing with this issue with about the same amount of trouble as disposable diapers.

Another option would be gDiapers.

If you’re cloth diapering, did you do anything differently once baby became a toddler?

photo credit: MissMessie

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