Making Your Home More Energy and Cost Efficient: A Review

May 21, 2008

I recently had a chance to read The Household Helper’s Guide to Making Your Home More Energy and Cost Efficient.

This is a topic we’re all concerned about - whether our motivation is using less fuel or saving money - or both!

This ebook was a quick read and didn’t waste time with too many details, it got right down to the business of making changes in your home to lower your energy costs. It starts with knowing what you’re currently spending to find out if you can lower those rates.

The book explains how to research products that claim to lower energy costs to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. It also lists many immediate tactics you can employ right away as well as long term approaches that might cost a larger investment of time and money. It explains how to check your home for leaks that lead to higher heating and a/c costs. (Pretty easy to do, even if you’re not the handyman type.)

Even the way you decorate and believe it or not, clean can cost or save you money. It even shows how your landscaping can help lower your energy costs. (We know trees are nice to look at but who knew how much money that can save you?)

All of these energy saving habits you can develop will add up over time to equate into a whole lot of savings. You can download your copy of the book right away here.

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