Me and my MBTs

May 22, 2007

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MBT in black Several months ago I came across these Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) shoes. Believe it or not, the Masai peoples in Africa have NO cellulite. (They also thrive on a diet of raw milk, meat, and blood… but that’s another post entirely!)

These MBT shoes were the brainchild of a Swiss engineer (I guess he noticed the lack of African cellulite and wanted to replicate the phenomenon for folks back home) and they mimic the sandy, unsteady terrain of the African soil. Like walking on the beach – you know how that feels.

MBTs force you to use more muscles in your legs, especially ones that are typically used less (hello? inner thigh jello you have met your match!) MBTs improve your posture naturally, making you walk taller and ease stress on your lower back, and simultaneously increase circulation in your legs (good for us leg vein challenged individuals) while decreasing pressure on the joints.

They’re called the “gym in a shoe”.MBT masai barefoot technology Being a busy mom who rarely has time to get to the gym, I just had to have a pair. :-)

I got mine on eBay but you can pick them up on, with free shipping and sometimes some nifty free gifts.

When I first started wearing them, I didn’t SEE a huge difference, but I immediately felt the difference in the muscles in my legs. The MBT people recommend that you only wear them for about a half hour a day but I was all rebellious and wore mine for a few hours. I didn’t have any soreness, but my inner thigh and butt muscles did let me know something different was going on.

Then after a couple of months of daily wear, I noticed this muscle in the inside and top of my thigh that I had never seen before. Hmm… I think they really do work. And even if they don’t help you build more muscle without really trying, they DO improve the circulation in your feet and legs, which again is good for us mommy types who have strained our veins with pregnancy. They’re mighty comfortable too. I have some issues with my feet- I pronate funny and hence have a really bad callous that forms in the middle of my foot that hurts. The MBTs are the most comfortable shoes I own.

My MBTs are a tad hot in these here Georgia summers, but Masai also has sandals if you’re a footloose and fancy free kinda gal.  

There are other ways to address cellulite, but I think MBTs are probably the most effective because they work from the inside out. They’re pricey, that’s the only drawback. They’re available at for around $160 new, with free shipping. It’s cheaper and easier than a gym membership though. ;)

Check out MBT Masai Barefoot Technology shoes on Amazon

UPDATE 2/08: Still wearing my MBTs. Still love ‘em. They’re going strong and when I clean them up they look new. They’re the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Plus, when I’m standing in line at IKEA, I can rock back and forth and have a little fun. Like Heelies, except for grownups. And without the wheels.


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2 Responses to “Me and my MBTs”

  1. Sally on May 22nd, 2007 6:54 pm

    I have been wearing the MBTs for three years now — I noticed such a change in my body: posture, circulation and yes the stronger/cellulite remedy! Since they are so comfortable I like being more active and as a result have also lost weight!

    I tried to get a pair on Amazon, but gave up because they could never get me the right size (like when I bought my first pair in a store). Also the better priced ones on Amazon are the styles that are already three or four years older (and pretty clunky looking).

    I just got my third pair THE BOOST BLUE from — it is totally worth paying the regular price for these THEY LOOK GREAT and the site is so awesome: they only sell MBTs and you can send in a tracing of your feet and they fit you PERFECTLY online and ship for free.

  2. Barb on May 23rd, 2007 2:21 am

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