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October 30, 2007

The latest in the conversation with Nell is that I asked her where she saw her life in ten years. You know, the reason I asked that is because it’s such a hard question for me to answer! So she turned the tables on me and asked me the same question.  Meanie ;)

I’m a very goal oriented person and always have goals, both short and long term, written down. Just recently I reached my goal of getting out of debt (no unsecured debt that is, I still have to pay off my car) and I’m very pleased with myself. I realize that things can change so much in ten years and I’ve hesitated to think that far out.

On the one hand, as far as my family is concerned, that’s a little easier. I see myself traveling, taking the kids with me so they can experience different cultures and people. That’s a big part of my vision. Ireland and Italy are at the top of the list. Both of those cultures run in my blood. I also see us living intown. Right now we’re very close to my kid’s one set of Grandparents and that’s helpful to me and the kids love it, but I would love to live intown.

The harder thing to answer is what my business will look like in ten years. I don’t really have a strong vision of that! I know that I’ll continue with internet marketing, because I love it and because of the passive income it provides me. Perhaps I’ll add a little more consulting. I enjoy helping people and I like public speaking, so I can definitely see myself doing some more group coaching, on and offline.

The ladies who are buying Atlanta Networking Girls from me have big plans for future growth, and hosting workshops is part of that. I love helping women, especially moms, start an online business. I’m not sure what the future of my show will be, because when my kids are teens I probably won’t be interested in talking about issues that affect younger moms anymore and there’s already a parenting teens podcast. ;) I can definitely see myself passing the natural moms radio torch onto a young, passionate mom with babies.

In ten years my boys will be young men, and I feel strongly about them not taking entry level jobs outside the home. I’ll be assisting them in some way to set up their own businesses. The girls will be finishing up their schooling but I’ll have a lot more freedom to have a social life, which will be nice! I miss going out to shows, and seeing live bands with grown ups and with the kids will be a lot of fun. It would also be nice to have more time to pursue hobbies. I used to play piano and guitar and would love to take those up again when I don’t have such young ones.

This has been fun Nell! Let’s keep it going with another question from me to you.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do as a Mom?

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  1. casual friday everyday on November 9th, 2007 8:06 pm

    Hey there, Mama…finally answered this one. lol

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