After hearing about NaBloPoMo for ages, I finally decided to join the fun. It’s funny because I felt like I needed a 30 day challenge, and then stumbled upon this. Kinda serendipitous.

Basically NaBloPoMo, if you’re not familiar with it, encourages you to blog daily for one month. I already do that most of the time, but having the discipline and public accountability is good too.

Perhaps my involvement will mean some new blog traffic too, since the NaBloPoMo site adds my link to their blogroll and also features a participating blog on their main page using a “randomizer”. Whee!

Want to play along?

Photo credit: dorydorydory
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2 Responses to NaBloPoMo

  1. Denise says:

    I wanted to say how amazingly helpful some of the information you send me is. I’m not a new mom but a stay-at-home mom looking to put some of my talent to work. I enjoy helping others but know that sometimes I take on more than I can chew. I’m still working towards finding the “right” marketing tool(s) to increase my traffic and therefore help others while helping my family. :0). Reading some of your blogs has given me great insight, I just need to learn how to organize all my knowledge to make it more time manageable and profitable.

    Thanks Again,

  2. Dory says:

    Hey, thanks for the credit! I like your site… I’ll be back!

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