Natural Cosmetics – Kinder, Gentler To Your Skin

Next time you’re putting on your make up, turn one of those bottles around and take a look at the ingredients label.  You’ll probably find a whole lot of words you not only can’t identify; you also probably can’t pronounce them.  Most people think that ingredients have to be safe and helpful to be included in personal care and beauty products, but there is little to no regulation in this area.  So how do you look great without endangering yourself and your skin?  Try natural cosmetics for a safer way to look your best.

It is estimated that up to 60 percent of the products you put on your skin are absorbed and eventually reach the bloodstream.  This becomes a scary statistic when you consider that most traditional beauty products contain chemicals that are not only toxic to humans, many are also carcinogens. 

With regular use, your body absorbs these artificial additives which can make you sick.  When your body is sick, the appearance of your skin suffers; you look less healthy and radiant.  By using natural products, you are reducing the risk of this occurring.  Just remember that not all natural ingredients are safe, so there is still a risk, it is simply smaller.

Besides being bad for you, the unnatural chemicals in cosmetics and beauty products may also be bad for your skin.  If you use the proper cosmetics, cosmetic use should not trigger a breakout of acne or any other skin problem.  If this does occur, it is likely that you are reacting to an ingredient in the product.  By using natural products, you reduce your risk or having this kind of reaction.  Traditional products fill your skin cells with these chemicals, which prevents them from operating and their best and therefore prevents them from looking their best.

If you want a completely different kind of natural make-up, you should try mineral make-up.  In addition to the other benefits, mineral make-up helps nourish and soothe your skin, hides fine lines, protects it from the sun, and allows your skin to breathe.  These products are a great alternative to traditional cosmetics.

Just because a cosmetic product says it’s natural or organic, doesn’t mean it has all natural ingredients.  Since there aren’t regulations on natural beauty products, many “natural” products will contain one or two natural ingredients and all the other dangerous chemicals that traditional products have.  There are several organizations that certify organic body products, but a good way to be sure all the ingredients are natural is to look at the label.  If you can’t pronounce something, it’s probably not natural.

In addition to being better for your skin, natural products are better for your health, for the environment, and don’t generally use animal testing.  All natural products are just a better all around choice

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