Natural Skin Care Tips

There are thousands of products and treatments available to help improve the quality of your skin, but only a small percentage of these are natural.  Most beauty products contain harsh, damaging chemicals.  Treatments, like chemical peels and botox, can be scary.  On top of it all, we really have no idea what most of these treatments and chemicals will do to our skin 20 years down the road.  If you want to have great looking skin without dangerous chemicals or procedures, there is a way.

Here are some great tips to keep your skin looking fabulous the natural way:

* Skip the sugar water. All cells need water to function properly.  If your skin cells aren’t properly hydrated, waste products build up in your cells and keep them from working right and looking their best.  Also, if you don’t drink enough water, your cells will retain as much as they can and you’ll end up looking puffy and bloated. But skip sodas and other sugary drinks. Excess sugar has an aging effect on the skin.

* Change your diet.  You’ve probably heard the phrase “you are what you eat” a lot.  If you think about it, this old saying is 100 percent true.  Your body is made up of what you put into it.  If you want it to work properly and look its best, you need to feed yourself the nutrients it needs and avoid foods that may damage it.  For beautiful skin, you should try to get more fiber and “good fats” in your diet and avoid foods with a lot of sugar.

* Improve your circulation.  To function properly, our cells need to get plenty of oxygen.  If you spend your days sitting at a desk or remaining mostly immobile, your circulation probably isn’t as good as it could be.  Increase your circulation by getting more exercise, stretching, or getting regular massages (they don’t need to be professional).  You can also use a brush to exfoliate your skin which improves circulation while removing old, dead cells.  Not only will this give your skin a better overall look, it can also reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite.

* Avoid the sun.  A little sun is good for you.  It provides vitamin D and can help give you a sunny disposition, but too much sun can do terrible damage.  Try to use hats, clothes, or sun block to protect yourself from damaging UV rays.

* Use certified natural skin products.  Traditional beauty products contain all sorts of unnatural chemicals.  Most are there as preservatives, or to give the product a certain scent, color or texture.  These chemicals not only have no value to your skin, some may cause cancer and other dangerous problems.  That’s why it’s beneficial to use natural products if you want to look your best and stay healthy.  Just be sure to check labels, many products will claim they’re natural or organic and only contain one natural or organic ingredient.  Be wary of ingredients you can’t pronounce and look for certification seals to be sure you’re getting what you pay for.  Not only will these help normal skin, they’re also less likely to irritate sensitive skin.

With a little time, patience, and work, you can have fabulous looking skin in no time.